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Faculty Directory


Rev. Stevan A. Wlusek
Assistant Professor in Spirituality and Pastoral Theology
519-432-1824 Ext. 230 

Rev. Pio Beorchia
519-432-1824 Ext. 227

Dean of Studies
Dr. John J. Dool
Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology
519-432-1824 Ext. 272

Registrar of Arts
Dr. Michael T. Fox
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
519-432-1824  Ext. 256

Registrar of Theology
Rev. John Comiskey

Director of Libraries
Adrienne Co-Dyre
519-432-1824  Ext. 245

Full Time Faculty

Dr. Christian McConnell
Director of the Institute for Ongoing Formation
519-432-1824  Ext. 280

Rev. Denis Grecco
Professor of Ecclesiology, Mariology and Intro to Catholic Theology
Formation Advisor
519-432-1824  Ext. 247

Dr. Bernardine Ketelaars
Director of Lay and Pastoral Formation
Lecturer in Missiology and Evangelization
519-432-1824  Ext. 203 

Rev. Alan A. Momney
Lecturer in Sacramental Theology
Formation Advisor
Spiritual Director
519-432-1824  Ext. 231

Rev. Murray Kuemper
Spiritual Director
Chair of Moral Theology
519-432-1824  Ext. 226

Rev. Peter Keller
Formation Advisor
519-432-1824  Ext. 206

Part-Time Faculty

Rev. Paul Baillargeon
Lecturer in Church Law
519-439-1553  Ext. 33

Mr. Joe Bezzina

Lecturer in Catechetics

Mrs. Mary T. Cahalan
Academic Consultant
519-432-1824 Ext. 243

Rev. John P. Comiskey
Assistant Professor of Historical Theology

 Andrea Di Giovanni
Lecturer to Intro to Spiritual Scripture
519-432-1824  Ext. 267

Mr. Tom Hart

Lecturer in Music

519-432-1824 Ext. 269

Rev. Mladen Horvat
Lecturer in Prophets and Deuteronomic

Dr. John Killoran
Lecturer in Philosophy
519-432-1824 Ext. 205

Rev. Wayne Lobsinger

Spiritual Director 

Mrs. Angela Townend

Human Formation Counselor