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October 2016 - A recent publication:  "More Than Survive" by: Fr. Frank Freitas has been added to St. Peter's Seminary's list.

 Publication list available in PDF format by clicking the Books.

AMBROGIO, Mark C.   The Anglican use of the Roman Rite : Its Background and its Potential. London, Ont.: St. Peter's Seminary, 2005.
AMSZEJ, Peter John   Hans Urs Von Balthasar's Love Alone and the Role of the Saints in Moral Theology. Rome: Pontificia Universita Lateranense, 2006.
The Ducean Homilies. Windsor, Ont.: Benchmark Pub. & Design, 2004.
BAILLARGEON, Paul   The canonical Rights and Duties of Parents in the Education of Their Children. Ottawa: St. Paul University, 1986.
BLONDE, Gregory M., et. al.   History of the Church of Our Lady of Help of Christians, Wallaceburg, Ontario, 1878-1978. Wallaceburg, ON: Standard Press, 1978.
BOUTETTE, David Louis   The Moral Philosophy of William George Ward. Notre Dame, 1983.
BOYDE, Jack, and Louise BOYDE   On Creaking Ships. Windsor, Ont.: Cranberry Tree Press, 2008.
COLLINS, Thomas   Apocalypse 22: 6-21 as the Focal Point of Moral Teaching and Exhortation in the Apocalypse. Roma: Pontificiae Universitatis Gregorianae, 1986.
--- Pathway to our Hearts : A Simple Approach to Lectio Divina with the Sermon on the Mount. Notre Dame, Ind.: Ave Maria Press, 2011.
COMISKEY, John P.   John Walsh, Second Bishop of London in Ontario, 1867-1889. Rome:, 1999.
---   In My Heart's Best Wishes for You : A Biography of Archbishop John Walsh. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2012.
CONLON, James   At the Edge of our Longing : Unspoken Hunger for Sacredness and Depth. Ottawa: Novalis, 2004.
---   Earth Story, Sacred Story. Mystic, Conn.: Twenty-Third Publications, 1994.
---   From the Stars to the Street : Engaged Wisdom for a Brokenhearted World. Ottawa: Novalis, 2006; 2007.
Geo-Justice : A Preferential Option for the Earth. Winfield, BC, Canada: Wood Lake Books ;, 1990.
---   Lyrics for Re-Creation : Language for the Music of the Universe. New York: Continuum, 1997.
---   Ponderings from the Precipice : Soulwork for the New Millennium. Leavenworth, KS.: Forest of Peace Pub., 1998.
--- The Sacred Impulse : A Planetary Spirituality of Heart and Fire. New York: Crossroad, 2000.
CUNNIFFE, Vida   The Shekhinah : Rabbinical Literature Illuminates New Testament Writings. London, Ont.: St. Peter's Seminary, 2004.
DASH, Carole E.   Just War Theory : The Challenge of Peace in the Twenty- First Century. London, Ont.: St. Peter's Seminary, 2007.
FREITAS, Frank   2016 - More Than Survive - Publisher: Toronto Catholic Register Books, 2016  Foreward provided by:  Cardinal T. Collins
FUERTH, Patrick W.   The Concept of Catholicity in the Documents of the World Council of Churches 1948-1968 : A Historical Study with Systematic-Theological Reflections. Roma: Editrice Anselmiana, 1974.
GERVAIS, Marcel A.   Journey. London, ON: Guided Study Programs in the Catholic Faith, 1978.
HETU, Robert J.   The Blood of his Love. Martinsville, IN.: Bookman, 2003.
HUGHES, Sheila A.   Man and Woman God made them : L'Arche, Building a Christian Community in the Modern World : Male and Female Living Lives with Love and Dignity. London, Ont.: St. Peter's Seminary, 2008.
HUMBERT, Greg J.   Empty Nests, Broken Eggshells : Selected Poems. North Bay, Ont.: Tomiko Publications, 1991.
---   The Lighter Side of Heaven : Anecdotes of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie. Espanola, Ont.: Tomiko Publications, 1987.
LEACH, George, Greg J.   Humbert, and Leland Bell. Beedahbun : The First Light of Dawn. North Bay, Ont.: Tomiko Publications, 1989.
MALONDA, Simon Isaac   An Examination of how Spiritual Care Contributes to the Holistic Healing of the Body, Mind and Spirit. London, Ont.: St. Peter's Seminary, 2006.
MARCACCIO, M. B.   Awakenings : Saving Mother Earth. London, Ont.: St. Peter's Seminary, 2006.
MORLEY, Mark   The Church and the Technological Environment. 2nd ed. Waterloo, ON: Laurier Catholic Chaplaincy, Wilfrid Laurier University, 2007.
O'CONNOR, Thomas Francis   Plant Shutdown and Worker Attitudes : The Case of Kelvinator. London, ON: University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Graduate Studies, 1970.
---   Spirituality and its Dynamic Relationship with Pastoral Life and Culture :A Way Toward Liberation (an Exploration of the Contributions of Gustavo Gutierrez and Bernard Lonergan). Toronto, 1990.
PEARSON-VASEY, Gloria The Road Trip : Life with Autism. Ottawa: Novalis, 2005.
PEREIRA, Renee D.   The Life of St. Mary of Egypt as an Icon of Repentance : The use of Hagiography to Manifest Liturgical and Theological Penitential Motifs in the Seventh-Century Byzantine Church. Toronto, 2011.
PRIEUR, Michael R. Holy Ground :Holy Family Retreat House and the Retreat Movement in the Diocese of London. London, Ont.: M. Prieur, 2011.
---   I Give You Me : A Program of Good News for Married Love. London: Marriage and Family Renewal Programs, Diocese of London, 1978.
---   Married in the Lord. Bethlehem, Pa.: Catechetical Communications, 1976.
---   Panes of Glory : Illuminations from the Stained Glass Windows of St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, St. Peter's Seminary, London, Ontario. London, Ont.: M. Prieur, 2005.
---   The Sacrament of Reconciliation Today. Rev ed. Bethlehem, Penn.: Catechetical Communications, 1973.
---   The Use of Consensus Fidelium as a Source of Moral Judgement : A Study in Anglican Moral Theology with Special Reference to Kenneth E. Kirk, 1886-1954. London, Ont.:, 1970.
RYAN, Michael T.   The Christian and Contemporary Socio-Economic Issues. London, Ontario: St. Peter's Seminary.
---   Christian Social Teaching and Canadian Society. London, Ontario: St. Peter's Seminary, 1976.
---   Christian Social Teaching and Canadian Society. 3d rev ed. London: St. Peter's Seminary, 1982.
---   Handing on the Faith : A Resource for Evangelization. Woodslee, Ont: Solidarity Books, 2009.
---   In the Light of Faith. Woodslee, ON: Solidarity Books, 2007.
---   In the Light of Faith. 2nd ed. Woodslee, ON: Solidarity Books, 2008.
---   In the Light of Reason : A Brief Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas. Woodslee, Ont.: Solidarity Books, 2011.
---   The Notion and Uses of Dialectic in St. Thomas Aquinas. Notre Dame, Ind.: S.N., 1962.
---   Preaching the Church's Social Doctrine. Woodslee, Ont.: Solidarity Books, 2008.
---   The Social Attitudes of a Catholic. Parkhill, ON: Solidarity Books, 2005.
---   The Social Attitudes of a Catholic. 6th printing with revisions, 2010 ed. Parkhill, ON: Solidarity Books, 2005.
---   Solidarity : Christian Social Teaching & Canadian Society. 2nd ed. London, Ont.: Guided Study Programs in the Catholic Faith, 1990.
---   Twin Pine Village :The Making of a Co-Op Housing Project. London, Ont.: St. Peter's Seminary, 1976.
---   Work in God's Plan. London, Ont.: St. Peter's Seminary.
SMITH, Michael A.   Human Dignity and the Common Good in the Aristotelian- Thomistic Tradition. Lewiston, N.Y.: Mellen University Press, 1995.
VASKOR, Marcela   Saint Teresa of Avila :A Model for Today's Christian. London, Ont.: St. Peter's Seminary, 2003.
VERE, Pete, and Michael Trueman Surprised by Canon Law : 150 Questions Laypeople Ask about Canon Law. Cincinnati, OH: St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2006.
---   Surprised by Canon Law, Volume 2 : More Questions Catholics Ask about Canon Law. Cincinnati, Ohio: St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2007.
WATSON, Murray   Translation for Transformation : André Chouraqui and His Translation of the Gospels. Dublin: Trinity College, The University of Dublin, 2010.
---   The Use of the Old Testament in the 'Admonition' of the Damascus Document (1-8,19-20). Rome: Pontifical Biblical Institute, 2002.
WATT, Louise   The Didache: The Teachings of the Apostles and its Relevance in the Eucharist Today. London, ON: St. Peter’s Seminary, 2011.
WHITE, Melinda A.   An Exploration of the Current Ethical Issues Involved in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research : From a Catholic Perspective. London, On.: St. Peter's Seminary, 2006.
WLUSEK, Stevan A.   The Unique Contribution of the Carmelite Tradition of Spirituality Toward the Care of Sexual Abuse Survivors. Toronto:, 2010.