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2012 - 2013 First and Second Semester Courses

First Semester Courses

Catechetics 5574A

Fundamental Theology 5111A

Introduction to Pastoral Counselling 5271A

Patristics 5121A

Introduction to Sacred Scripture 5101A

Religious Studies 1027E

Spiritual Theology 5461A

Systemic Theology - Theology Integration 5513A

Theological Anthropology 5113A

Theology of Marriage 5243A

Theology of Sacramental Healing and Reconciliation 5541A

Ethical Issues and Pastoral Ministry 5576A

Theology of Proclamation 5471A

History of the Catholic Church I  5221A

The Synoptic Gospels 5201A

Sacraments of Initiation 5241A

Pastoral Counselling III  5572A

Second Semester Courses

Introduction to Catholic Theology - Religious Studies 1027E

Fundamental Moral Theology 2238G

Christian Social Teaching II  5232B

Theology of Proclamation 5472B

Introduction to Catholic Liturgy 5141B

Introduction to Moral Theology 5132B

Pastoral Liturgy 5544B

Doctrine of God 5212B

Christology and Soteriology 5112B

Sacraments of Initiation II   5242B

The Pentateuch 5102B

The Art of the Confessor 5542B

Missiology and Evangelization 5571B

Canon Law II  5551B

Pastoral Counselling II  5272B

The Gospel According to John 5202B

Introduction to Spiritual Theology 5162B

History of the Catholic Church II   5222B