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2015 - 2016 First and Second Semester Theology Courses

Theology Courses - First Term

Introduction to Sacramental Theology 5142A - Professor Eric Mabry

The Synoptic Gospels 5201A - Fr. Mladen Horvat

Ecumenism 5511A - Fr. Denis Grecco

Theological Integration 5513A - Dr. John Dool

Introduction to Lay Ministry 5171A - Dr. Bernardine Ketelaars

Fundamental Theology 5111A - Dr. John Dool

Sacraments of Initiation I 5241A - Dr. Christian McConnell

Theology of Sacramental Healing and Reconciliation 5541A - Fr. Pio Beorchia

History of the Catholic Church 5221A - Fr. John Comiskey

Theological Anthropology 5113A - Dr. John Dool

Homiletics - Theology of Proclamation 5471A - Fr. John Comiskey

Introduction to Sacred Scripture - Biblical Studies 5101A - Professor Andrea Di Giovanni

Marriage and Sexuality 5243A - Dr. Renee Pereira

Pastoral Counselling III 5572A - Professor Josephine Herriott

Pastoral Health Care FE5481 - Dr. Bernardine Ketelaars

Ministry in Schools FE5181 - Dr. Bernardine Ketelaars

Ministry in Parishes FE5281 - Dr. Bernardine Ketelaars

Preaching in Parishes FE5581 - Dr. Bernardine Ketelaars

Patristics 5121A - Dr. Renee Pereira

Christian Social Teaching I 5231A - Fr. Frank O'Connor and Fr. Murray Kuemper

Ethical Issues and Pastoral Ministry 5576B - Fr. Stevan Wlusek


Theology Courses Second Term

The Pentateuch - 5102B - Fr. Mladen. Horvat

Doctrine of God - 5212B - Dr. John Dool

The Art of the Confessor - 5542B - Fr. Michael Prieur

Introduction to Moral Theology - 5132B - Fr. Murray Kuemper

Sacraments of Initiation II - 5242B Fr. Alan Momney

Pastoral Liturgy - 5544B - Fr. Pio Beorchia

Introduction to Catholic Liturgy - 5141B - Dr. Christian McConnell

Pastoral Counselling II - 5272B - Fr. Peter Keller

Theology of Proclamation - 5472B - Fr. Alan Momney

Christology and Soteriology - 5112B - Dr. John Dool

The Gospel According to John - 5202B - Professor Andrea Di Giovanni

Missiology and Evangelization - 5571B - Dr. Bernardine Ketelaars

Christian Social Teaching II - 5232B - Fr. Frank O'Connor and Fr. Murray Kuemper

Church Law - Marriage in Canon Law II - 5551B Fr. Paul Baillargeon
Church Law - Marriage in Canon Law II 5551B Course Requirements
Church Law - Marriage in Canon Law II 5551B - Select Bibliography

Introduction to Spiritual Theology - 5162B - Fr. Stevan Wlusek

History of the Catholic Church - 5222B - Fr. John Comiskey

Catechetics - 5574B - Professor Joseph Bezzina

Preaching in Parishes Field Education - 5581 - Dr. Bernardine Ketelaars

Pastoral Health Care - Field Education - 5481 - Dr. Bernardine Ketelaars

Ministry in Schools - Field Education - 5181 -  Dr. Bernardine Ketelaars