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For Our Alumni

Distinguished Alumni Awards

REV. JAMES J. CARRIGANThe REV. JAMES J. CARRIGAN Distinguished Alumni Award for Clergy

Father James Carrigan, STD (1943) served on the Seminary faculty from 1946 until 1981 as a professor of Dogmatic Theology. He was a spiritual director at the Seminary as well as for the hearing impaired community in the area. In 1966 he was appointed rector and oversaw the changes in Seminary formation called for by the Second Vatican Council. He guided the Seminary and promoted the beginnings of lay formation programs. In all his years at the Seminary he was known for his steady guidance, sound judgment and fair leadership. Father Carrigan died on May 10, 2003.  

2015 - Rev. Michael Prieur (65)
2012 - Bishop Marcel Gervais
2008 - Rev. John Caswell ('62)
2005 - Rev. Adrian Jansen ('52)
2002 - Rev. James J. Carrigan

SR. MARGARET FERRISThe SR. MARGARET FERRIS Distinguished Alumni Award for Laity

Sister Margaret Ferris CSJ, a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Diocese of London, began her career on faculty at St. Peter’s Seminary in 1985 as Director of Lay Student Formation and professor of Pastoral Counseling. For many years she counseled students, helped prepare students and their supervisors for the Pastoral Year, directed yearly retreats at Oxley and from 2000 to 2006 was Director of Human Formation for the seminary. She is author of Compassioning: Basic Counselling Skills for Christian Care-Givers, (1993). She retired from full-time duties at the Seminary in 2005 and is known for her wise counsel and listening heart. 

​2015 - Mary Cahalan (MDiv '96)
2012 - John Van Dommelen (BTh '72)
2008 - Michael Trueman (MDiv '97)
2005 - Lois Côté (MDiv '79)