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Canon Law


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Canon Law: Letter and Spirit: a Practical Guide to the Code of Canon Law
REF KBU 2212 C36 1995
This commentary aims to provide a practical guide and an academic investigation into the 1983 code. It was prepared by the Canon Law Society of Great Britain & Ireland in association with the Canadian Canon Law Society.

Canon Law Digest
REF KBU 30.5 B68
Each volume reports official documents in the Catholic Church that impact on Church law. Included are references to papal and Roman Curia documents as well as documents from national conferences of bishops, especially English-speaking ones.

CLSA Advisory Opinions 1984-1993
KBU 2212 C58 1995

CLSA Advisory Opinions 1994-2000
KBU 2212 C58 2002

CLSA Advisory Opinions 2001-2005
KBU 2212 C58 2006
A compilation of opinions on various canonical and pastoral issues from the canonists of the Canon Law Society of America.

Code of Canon Law: a Text and Commentary
REF KBU 2212 A52 1985
Commissioned by the Canon Law Society of America it focuses on the differences between the 1917 and 1983 codes of canon law.

Code of Canon Law Annotated
REF KBU 2212 C3813 2004

Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches (Latin-English edition)
REF KBT 35 2001

Exegetical Commentary on the Code of Canon Law
REF KBU 2212 C65513 2004 (8 vols.)
An English language edition of a Spanish commentary prepared under the auspices of the Martin de Azpilcueta Institute at the University of Navarre.

Incrementa in Progressa 1983 Codicis Iuris Canonici: with a Multilingual Introduction
REF KBU 2212 P47 2005
This book examines the origin and development of terms used in Church law. It provides a reliable history of the text of the 1983 code.

Index to the Code of Canon Law
REF KBU2212 A12 1984a

Manuel de Droit Canonique
KBU160 L42 2010

New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law
REF KBU 2212 N48 2000
Commissioned by the Canon Law Society of America this commentary takes into account new documents and official interpretations that have shaped the canonical scene since the publication of the 1983 code. It offers a contemporary understanding and application of the canons.

Pastoral Companion: a Canon Law Handbook for Catholic Ministry
REF KBU 2212 H84 2009
A topical format provides a handy reference of Church laws on topics pertinent to Catholic ministries, especially at the parish level. This 4th revised edition includes decrees of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops related to pastoral ministry.

Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory Opinions
KBU 2212 R66
Yearly volumes featuring replies from various Roman congregations concerning canonical issues that have arisen during the year.

A Simple Dictionary of Canon Law
REF KBU56.5 D84 2012
Includes a comparison of canonical and U.S. civil terms of law.

The 1917 or Pio-Benedictine Code of Canon law
KBU2210 A52 2001



The following journals are available either in print at the A.P. Mahoney Library or ONLINE through the Shared Catalogue of Western Libraries and its affiliates.

Canon Law Society of America. Proceedings

Catholic Lawyer


Journal of Catholic Legal Studies

The Jurist

Periodica de re Canonica

Studia canonica 

Studies in Church Law



To find scholarly articles in journals, magazines or newspapers you will need to use one or more print indexes or an online index or database. For Canon Law we suggest:

Canon Law Abstracts 

Canon Law Abstracts [electronic resource]  Contains references for canon law articles published from 1997 to present.

Catholic Periodical and Literature Index 



Canadian Canon Law Society

Canon Law Society of America

Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Code of Canon Law 1983 (Full text)




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