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Diocese of London Ordination Ceremony 2015

St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica was filled with the joy and happiness of the Holy Spirit on Saturday, April 25, 2015 as the Most Rev. Ronald P. Fabbro, ordained four men for the Diocese of London.  This is the largest priesthood ordination class the Diocese of London has seen since 1997, Congratulations to the ordinands,their families and friends.  Photos courtesy of D. Matthews.

Mark Maloney, 52, was born in Pembroke, the oldest of four children. While he did not come from a traditional religious family, there was a measure of love and respect for all. After completing high school, he joined the Canadian Air Force, serving five years as a communications technician. After being honourably discharged in 1987, he worked in the telecommunications field for the next 20 years. Mark feels that God began calling him when he was a teenager. However, it wasn’t until 2005 that he responded, after a two-year conversation with a retired priest. His journey though a Twelve-Step program and reflections on the life of St. Augustine were also great spiritual influences. 
Stephen Marsh, 32, grew up in Stratford with his parent and two sisters. His family went to Mass every Sunday, and remembers wanting to become a priest as a child. As he got older, however, his thoughts shifted towards marriage and having a large family. He was interested in creating video games, and studied computer programming and fine arts at the University of Guelph. However, his thoughts continued to return to the possibility of the priesthood, until he finally told God he would consider it. His journey included spending time with the Fathers of Mercy in Kentucky and the Companions of the Cross in Ottawa before entering the seminary for the Diocese of London. 
Donald Pumputis, 47, grew up in London, the youngest of six children (with five older sisters). Brought up in a traditional Catholic family, attending Mass every Sunday, he says his father was the stone of the family and his mother was the mortar that kept everything together. As a young boy, Don felt the call to the priesthood, but didn’t pursue it. He attended Seneca College in Toronto and UWO before going to France to become a Foreign Legionnaire. When he returned to Canada, he worked as a Production Supervisor before realizing he couldn't resist God’s call again any longer. He then quit his job, sold his house, and applied to the seminary, knowing he was on the right path. 
Danny Santos, 28, grew up in Mississauga in a faith-filled family along with his older sister and younger brother. Before entering the seminary, he obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto Mississauga, majoring in philosophy with a double minor in religious studies and political science. Danny first heard God’s call after First Communion. He thought what the priest did was fascinating and something he would be interested in doing. Shortly afterwards, Danny took bit of bread and grape juice and pretended to say Mass in his living room, just as the priest did (the first hint to his family he might have a calling). His high school chaplain, his late godmother, his first spiritual director and visits to the seminary all helped Danny with his discernment. 

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Photos by Beta Photos, London, Ontario