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International Students


The Seminary for the Diocese of London is St. Peter's Seminary which is is one of six English-speaking seminaries in Canada.  St. Peter’s Seminary has welcomed not only seminarians from across our country but throughout its' more than one hundred year history, St. Peter’s has also offered priestly formation to men from countries around the world. Currently,we have seminarians studying at St. Peter’s Seminary from the following countries:

  • Two international studentsThe Congo
  • The Philippines
  • Poland
  • Vietnam

As a diocesan seminary, every individual who applies for entrance into our program of priestly formation must be supported by a Canadian Diocese and Bishop, with the expectation that the individual will serve as a priest in that Diocese after ordination. 

St. Peter’s Seminary is unable to accept applicants who are seeking priestly formation on their own without the support of a Canadian Diocese. Nor is St. Peter’s able to accept applicants who seek priestly formation here in Canada with the desire to return to their home country to serve as priests after ordination.

If you reside in a country outside of Canada and are interested in pursuing seminary formation at St. Peter’s Seminary, please contact the Vocation Director of a Canadian Diocese to discuss the possibilities of studying to serve in that Diocese upon ordination to the priesthood. 

The Vocation Director for the Diocese of London is Fr. Patrick Beneteau.  The following link:  will take you to the Vocations page on our Diocesan website: 

An attractive feature available to International Seminarians studying at St. Peter’s Seminary is our affiliation with King’s University College. King’s offers a specialized program called Cultureworks which involves the teaching of English-as-a-second language together with lessons on Canadian culture and history, providing a good process of enculturation into Canadian society. 

For more information about the Cultureworks program, please follow this link:

Our prayers are with you as you continue to discern and follow God’s call.