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Seminary Life

St. Peters SignThe Way of Life at St. Peter’s Seminary ensures that care is given to providing its seminarians and lay students with solid foundations in the Four Key Areas of education emphasized by St. Pope John Paul in his Apostolic Exhortation on Seminary Formation: “Pastores Dabo Vobis. Shepherds after my own heart.”  The pontiff writes:

“This present Exhortation seeks to gather the results of work of the Synod, setting out some established points, indicating some essential goals, making available to all the wealth of experiences and training programs which already have been tried and found worthwhile. The Exhortation looks at the different areas of formation – the human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral areas – as well as the settings and the persons responsible for the formation of candidates for the priesthood” (no. 42.)

St. Peter’s Seminary therefore seeks to help its students in their spiritual and human growth, together with empowering them with academic education and the development of pastoral attitudes and skills for ministry.  Through opportunities for sports, communal recreation and social interaction, St. Peter’s provides activities wherein relationships can be developed, team work accentuated and mutual support can be fostered throughout the various programs of education and formation.

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