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Masters of Theological Studies

General Description

The M.T.S. degree is a theological degree recognized through ATS. As with the M.Div. and the M.Div. (Adv.) degrees, the Faculty of Theology of St. Peter’s Seminary administers this degree program by virtue of its affiliation with Western University through King’s University College and through our membership with ATS. The M.T.S. is a postbaccalaureate, introductory theological degree for those seeking greater knowledge of the Catholic theological tradition. In contrast to the M.Div., the M.T.S. does not prepare students for professional ministry in the Church. It is not recognized as a graduate degree by the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies. The term “Master” is used in accordance with the practice of ATS.

Admission Requirements for M.T.S. degree

  1. Bachelor’s degree - Candidates for the M.T.S. must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree, with a B average, from an accredited university.
  2. Philosophy prerequisite - Since some philosophical background is essential for studying Catholic theology at this level, a full-year, two semester course in Thomistic Philosophy is required. This course may be taken concurrently with theology courses as part of the M.T.S. program.
  3. Documentation - Applicants for the Master of Theological Studies must provide the following documentation:
    • an official university transcript verifying completion of an undergraduate degree;
    • two letters of recommendation;
    • a brief life history giving reasons for applying for the program;

      An interview with the Dean of Theology, or his delegate, will be conducted after these documents have been received by the Seminary.
  4. Application deadline - The deadline for applications to the M.T.S. program is July 15 for the Fall session and November 15 for the Winter session. Exceptions to this are considered on an individual basis. All documentation is to be submitted, along with a non-refundable Application Fee of $50.00 (Canadian funds) in cheque or money order, payable to “St. Peter’s Seminary”, to: The Registrar of Theology, St. Peter’s Seminary, 1040 Waterloo Street, London, ON N6A 3Y1.
  5. Decision - Candidates will be notified accordingly in writing by the Rector, following a review by the Seminary’s Admissions Committee.

Progression Requirements

Students are required to complete a total of sixteen courses plus a thesis, as follows: first, they will complete 1.0 course (a two-semester course) in Philosophy and 5.0 courses (ten half-courses) from the first year of the theological curriculum of the M.Div., not including the field education course. Students then may select 2.0 (four half-course) electives from the upper-level years of the theological curriculum in consultation with the academic Advisor. In the M.T.S. program, students may take up to 2.0 (four half-course) ‘selected topics’ courses approved by the academic Advisor. Field Education and most pastoral theology courses may not be taken as part of the M.T.S. program. Students must complete a thesis directed by a member of the faculty.


  1. Thesis Standards - The thesis will be a significant research project concerning a clearly-defined theological issue or problem. It will include a survey of the relevant scholarly literature and propose a creative response to the issue or problem. It should demonstrate good to excellent abilities in gathering and organizing material, and in critical analysis and reflection. It is to be forty-five to fifty-five pages in length, follow standard academic form, and will be graded according to the Western University /St. Peter’s Seminary grading scale.
  2. Thesis Regulations - Prior to the semester of registration in the thesis course, the student consults the Dean of Theology in regard to choosing an area of research and a thesis Advisor. The student then informs the Dean when a faculty member has agreed to Advise the student. A thesis proposal (five pages minimum) and a preliminary bibliography (two pages minimum), signed by the thesis Advisor, must be submitted to the Dean two weeks prior to the last day for course registration for the next semester. The Dean, in consultation with appropriate faculty members, approves the proposal. A second reader is appointed. The thesis Advisor guides the student through the research and writing. The thesis is to be submitted by the last day of classes in the semester of registration for the course. The Advisor and the second reader evaluate the thesis and provide a written report to the student and the Dean. Each submits a grade to the Dean, who submits the average of the two grades to the Registrar. 

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students must successfully complete 8.0 courses (sixteen half-courses) in the M.T.S. program with an overall average of 70%. They must also complete the thesis with an average grade of 70% from two examiners.