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Executive Committee Terms of Reference

St. Peter’s Seminary Alumni Association Executive Committee

2017 - Terms of Reference

A.    Historical Overview

The Constitutions of the Alumni Association of St. Peter’s Seminary does not mention any “Executive Committee” for the alumni. In actual fact, most of the organizing of what pertained to the Association was done by the Secretary-Treasurer. However, in the 2000s, a more aggressive Seminary Foundation instigated fresh help for the Secretary-Treasurer, sparked by a specific committee to plan for the triennial alumni reunion. Organization for these events had been done by the Secretary-Treasurer and assisted by seminary faculty and lay members. But with the inclusion of the MDiv and MTh grads to the Alumni in the early ‘70s and 80s, it was felt that they should be a part of the organizing team. Also, in the 2000s with the inclusion of the Permanent Deacons as members of the alumni, and recently the Certificate Grads, their presence was also deemed necessary. And now, with the new financial assistance of the Diocese of Hamilton for the seminary refurbishment, a priest from them now seems opportune. With this brief overview, we now present a set of “Terms of Reference” for the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association of St. Peter’s Seminary.

B.    Membership

The committee shall consist of the following members, with the ability to add to it as a need may arise:     

1.    President of the Alumni Association (chair)

2.    Secretary-Treasurer of the Association

3.    Representative of the MDiv grads

4.    Representative of the MTS grads

5.    Representative of Lay Certificate grads    

6.    Representative of the religious order grads

7.    Representative of the Permanent Deacon grads

8.    Priest representative of the Diocese of Hamilton

9.    Editor of The Alumni Bulletin

Ex-Officio (non-voting)

10.    The Rector of the Seminary

11.    The Director of the Seminary Foundation

12.    The “Ambassador of the Seminary Foundation” (as needed) 

C.    Responsibilities of the Committee

To oversee the ongoing implementation of the mission and general directions of the Alumni Association as outlined in the “Constitutions”;

To meet at least four times a year, ordinarily at the seminary, as called by the chair;

To oversee the organization of the triennial Alumni Reunion;

To oversee the publication of the annual Alumni Bulletin, in co-operation with the bulletin Director as appointed by the Secretary- Treasurer, as indicated in the Constitutions;

To oversee the publication of the biannual Necrology and the publication of obituaries of  deceased members;

To oversee all the data-bases for the Association as kept here in the seminary; 

To assist the Seminary in promoting vocations to the priesthood, the permanent diaconate and religious life (when applicable);

To assist the Foundation in any fund-raising as these needs may arise; 

To assist in making the membership aware of ongoing developments in seminary formation and post-ordination/graduation pastoral concerns;

To facilitate various supportive gatherings, publications, or other means to deepen the ongoing relationships of the Association:

To provide ongoing means of healing to overcome any personal difficulties encountered by members of the Association either when at the seminary or after leaving here;​

D.    Terms of Office for members of the committee

The term for the president is the time between the election of the president at the Alumni Reunion, beginning on the day following the reunion, and the conclusion at the following ordinarily triennial Alumni Reunion.

The other members of the committee are for the same time limit, with a built-in staggering of this to accommodate a smooth transition of the members without a new slate after each reunion. This staggering is to be determined by each constituency of those representing them. ​

    a.    Permanent Deacons:  Every five years beginning in 2016;

    b.    MDiv:  Every four years beginning in 2016;

    c.    MTS:  Every three years beginning in 2016;

    d.    Certificate Grads:  Every six years;

    e.    Chair:  At each reunion;

    f.    Hamilton Diocese:  Every six years;

    g.    Religious Orders:  Every six years;​

It is to be noted that a number of the above responsibilities may be delegated to a member of the Executive, e.g., the Secretary-Treasurer, or someone else. It may be helpful to develop an “Organizational Chart” to indicate by whom each task is carried out. 















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