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OWL is Online Western Learning

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OWL is home to all online resources for your course here at St. Peter's Seminary.  Here you will find course annoucements, assignments, resoruces, forum and contacts for all courses

OWL is Western University's online learning management system. It is home to official Western undergraduate and graduate courses, Western Continuing Studies courses, the Preceptor Education Program, and Human Resources required training, as well as independent, department, and group project worksites.

How log into OWL

If you are a Western faculty member, staff member, or student, please use your Western Identity user id and password to log in above.

If you are not a Western user, but have an OWL account, please enter your non-Western email address and password above.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please visit our Help & Support page.

MyOffice is your access to free Microsoft Office

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Western University has successfully negotiated a 3-year Campus Agreement for Microsoft Desktop products. This new Microsoft Campus Agreement allows all eligible faculty and staff to obtain specific software.

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