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Programs of Formation:  Applications for Priestly Formation or Lay Formation

The formation programs for priesthood and lay leadership focus on the development of the total person – human, intellectual, spiritual and pastoral. Each program has its unique characteristics, a specific nature and rationale, and particular goals and objectives. They are designed to “provide opportunities through which the student may grow in personal faith, emotional maturity, moral integrity, and public witness. Ministerial preparation includes concern with the development of capacities—intellectual and affective, individual and corporate, ecclesial and public—that are requisite to a life of pastoral leadership” (Association of Theological Schools Program Degree Standards). The integration and harmonization of the four areas of formation are the particular strength of each program.

1) All candidates applying to either program are required to:

Complete the appropriate “St. Peter’s Seminary Application Form” for either the “Program of Priestly Formation” or the “Program for Lay Leadership” (available in the application package from the Rector’s Office). The application form includes a requirement for:

i) a brief personal history to be written by the applicant,
ii) student visa information, if the applicant is not a Canadian citizen,
iii) if English is not their first language, proof that they have achieved a satisfactory score on a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or its equivalent, such as the CultureWorks program at King’s University College,
iv) a list of names and addresses of five persons from whom the Rector can obtain letters of recommendation (including their pastor and qualified lay persons such as former teachers, supervisors from work, neighbours and fellow parishioners).
v) a non-refundable application fee of $50.00 (Canadian funds) which must be included with the Application and is payable by cheque or money order to “St. Peter’s Seminary.”
vi) arrangement for official academic transcripts from the last educational institution at which a course of studies was completed, i.e., secondary school, community college or university, to be sent directly from the institution to the Rector’s Office of the Seminary. In the case of community college or university courses, descriptions of the courses from the official calendar of the institution should be submitted.

Contingent on acceptance for admission, there are certain special requirements which, if not met, will not allow students in either program to complete Field Education courses or placements in the community, or be accepted into the programs of formation. Applicants will be required to submit a positive report on a criminal record check requested by the candidate from the police.

Upon receipt of the application documents listed above, the admissions process continues with a formal admission interview and a psychological assessment. For ordination candidates from outside the diocese of London, the local bishop, or his delegate, will arrange the formal admission interview and the subsequent psychological assessment.

2) Applicants for the Program of Priestly Formation must:

i) arrange for a letter of sponsorship from their bishop and an interview report from the Vocations Director of their diocese to be sent directly to the Rector’s Office of the Seminary.
ii) submit a recent certificate of Baptism and Confirmation (less than six months old) and a medical report from a practicing physician (a form is provided with the application package). The documents will be kept in the candidate’s file. Students who cannot produce this information will not be accepted into their respective program.

The deadline for applications to St. Peter’s Seminary is normally July 1. All documentation is to be submitted to: The Rector, St. Peter’s Seminary, 1040 Waterloo Street, London, Ontario. N6A 3Y1.

After all of the above steps have been completed, the Admissions Committee will make a decision on the candidate’s admission or non-admission. The decision of the Admissions Committee is final and is communicated to all applicants by the Rector or his delegate.

General Information for all Applicants

1. Fees

The schedule of fees for each academic year is available online from Western University.

2. Governmental Assistance

Students from the province of Ontario who qualify for assistance from the Ontario Student Award Program should contact the Business Manager of the Seminary for an application form. Completed forms are to be processed through the Seminary Business Office. Students from outside Ontario should make enquiry to their own governmental offices.

3. Bursaries 

Many dioceses award grants or bursaries to their seminarians to assist in their education, and follow various procedures in this regard. The Knights of Columbus award scholarships and provide programs of financial assistance through local councils. The Knights of Columbus financial assistance is to be coordinated by the bishop, the vocation director and the seminary. The Catholic Women’s League offers scholarships to seminarians as well.

In 1987, the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Diocese of London and the Ursuline Sisters of the Chatham Union established the St. Catherine of Siena Bursary for lay persons in the Program of Theology, depending on need and aptitude. In addition, the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund was established in 1997 by the government of Ontario and is available to residents of Ontario.

A Bursary Committee, comprising members of the faculty and the administration, oversees applications for all bursaries, and grants them according to need and availability. For further information and application forms for any bursary contact the office of the Business Manager.

4. Medical Insurance

All students are expected to have sufficient medical coverage through their provincial health plans, according to standards of the province of Ontario. Students from outside the province should notify their provincial medical insurer that they will be resident in Ontario during the academic year. There is no supplemental health fund available in the Seminary.