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Field Education 5581

2010 - 2011

Rev. Gerard Dewan 


This course focuses in on the practical study of preaching in a seminary and parish context. It provides the student with the opportunity to exercise the role of preaching, and to reflect theologically upon it. 


This course will assist students to grow in the following knowledge, skills and attitudes.


1. To come to a deeper knowledge of the students’ own strengths and weaknesses in the ministry of liturgical preaching.
2. To gain further insight into the elements of effective preaching.


1. To be able to do theological reflection on the ministry of preaching.
2. To be able to preach more effectively, through ongoing learning and reflection about preaching.


1. To appreciate more fully the importance of the ministry of liturgical preaching.


a) Setting Of Goals:

Students are asked to articulate their Goals for Growth in preaching. This is to be a one-page submission, consisting of a few paragraphs (or a list in point form), setting concrete goals for growth in preparing for, and delivering homilies.

This one-page outline for Goals for Growth is due Friday, October 8, 2010.

b) Ongoing Homily Evaluation:

Students will be evaluated and given feedback on strengths and needed growth through three avenues:

1. Seminary Main Chapel Mass Homilies. After each celebration at which one of the Deacons preaches, I will meet briefly with him in Parlor B, to give feedback regarding the effectiveness of his homily.

2. Seminary Group Homilies. Each of the Formation Advisors has been provided with evaluation forms in which they will give their input on the deacons’ homilies. These evaluations will be submitted to me.

3. Weekend Preaching in Parishes. The input of pastors and laity in the parishes where students visit and preach will provide greater input from the People of God.

I will meet with each of the deacons two times per year, to review the comments offered by parishes and formation directors. These will be measured against the deacon’s goals articulated at the beginning of the year, to notice growth.

c) Written Reflection Paper:

Near the end of the Academic Year, each deacon will write a 5 page reflection paper due Friday, March 11, 2010, expressing the following:

Your mission of preaching, joys or struggles in preparing and delivering homilies, the value of input from the various sources during the 5th year, signs of growth (based on growth goals set at the beginning of the year), etc.

This paper is open to the use of your own creativity, as you reflect on your experience of preaching, and your realization of growth and further polishing.

d) Theological Reflection:

The students will be required to meet with the overseer, in order to do theological reflection on the experience of preaching.


September 27, 2010 Seminar - Auditorium
October 18, 2010 Theological Reflection - 5th Year Lounge
February 14, 2011 Theological Reflection - 5th Year Lounge
March 14, 2011 Theological Reflection - 5th Year Lounge


e) Mentoring Seminar to the Foundational Year seminarians - The Conversion Theory of Bernard Lonergan - Monday, November 22, 2010.

i. Brief overview and purpose of the Conversion Theory of Bernard Lonergan

ii. Personal testimony with examples of each of the Lonergan's main conversions in life during seminary formation i.e. Intellectual Conversion, Moral Conversion, and Religious Conversion.  Where have I undergone a moral/intellectual/religious conversion during my formation?

f) Grading

Field Ed. 5581 is a credit course, to which a grade is assigned. The grade will be determined by assessing student’s written work, preaching in various venues, together with evaluation of the student’s determination to grow and hone their skills of preaching. The grading for the course will be determined in the following way:

Preaching in the formation group and main chapel: 35% of final mark.

Preaching in Parishes: 35% of final mark.

Written Reflection Paper: 30% of final mark


All texts for the theological reflection sessions will be provided.