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Necrology - St. Peter's Seminary Association - 2009

Prayer for Unity

All powerful and loving God, you call your daughters and sons into life with you and entrust to your community the mysteries of the faith.  Draw the people of your Church into greater unity, deeper reconciliation and tangible charity, so that they may see in us a foretaste of your heavenly kingdom.  We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.  Amen.

Notes for 2009 Necrology

Once again, we are pleased to present this updated version of our Necrology for the Alumni Association of St. Peter’s Seminary. Three items deserve notice:

1. The overwhelming decision of those present at the business meeting of the Alumni Reunion on October 14, 2008 was that the Necrology should contain the names of all deceased alumni members, regardless of any unfortunate circumstances they may have encountered in their active ministry. Like all of us, they deserve our prayers and especially our Eucharists for the repose of their souls. We have respected this decision in this edition.  

2. This edition also contains the names of our first deceased lay members of our Alumni Association, namely Roger Spalding (BTh, ‘71); died Dec. 17, 2005, Marcela Vaskor (M.T.S., ‘03; died January 8, 2008), Sandra Brown (M.Div., ‘84; died January 26, 2009) and Inger Rosback (M.D., M.Div., ‘84; died Sept. 2, 2009). Please remember them in your prayers and at Mass as well.

3. We also want to pay a special tribute to Fr. Mike Dalton (‘32) who died on April 6, 2009. He was the all-time oldest member of our Alumni, dying at the ripe old age of 106, a short time before his 107th birthday.  We are proud of this “mighty giant” who served so many people so well, in the military in World War II and in many pastoral assignments as well. R.I.P.

Finally, a special note of gratitude is in order to Fr. Chris Quinlan (‘62) for his specific donation for the publication of this Necrology. God bless you!

Please keep this Necrology handy so that you can remember all of our deceased members in prayer and especially at the altar.

Fr. Mike Prieur


St. Peter's Seminary

September 2, 2009.


Calendar Listing

1 Rev. John Pereyma (1976) Ukranian Archeparchy
2 Rev. Harold R. Brennan (1980) Sault Ste. Marie
  Rev. Joseph “Joe” Barnes (1986) Nelson
  Rev. M. Alphonse Minvielle (1986) Winnipeg
3 Rev. Romeo J. Lefaive (1978) London
  Rev. Pat J. Bodendistel (1979) Hamilton
4 Rev. Msgr. J. Gerard “Bud” Quinn (1974) Scranton
  Rev. Francis G. Pettypiece (1979) London
7 Rev. James T. Hollerhead (1973) London
8 Marcela Vaskor (M.T.S. ‘03) (2008) 
10 Rev. J. Harry Chisolm (1953) London
  Rev. Bernard R. Laverty (1992) London
11 Rev. Leo L'Heureux (1987) Regina
12 Rev. Philip G. Thériault (1995) Sault Ste. Marie
13 Rev. Joseph “Joe” Ferresse (1968) Scranton
15 Rev. Joseph P. Desmarais (1932) London
  Rev. Norbert E. Lavigne (1992) C.R.
16 Rev. Frank S. Mulkern (1990) London
18 Rev. Peter “Pete” E. McKeon (1962) London
19 Rev. Msgr. Albert J. McNabb (1983) London
  Rev. Pat J. Mellon (1994) London
  Rev. David E. Kelly (1999) Pembroke
20 Rev. Stan Slezak (1984) Regina
  Rev. Msgr. John Dulong (2004) Nelson
  Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Hass (2005) Pembroke
21 Rev. Msgr. James A. MacLellan (1981) Edmonton
  Rev. Richard Brian Hunter (2001) London
22 Rev. E. Raphael Glavin (1991) London
  Rev. C. Sylvestre (2007) London
23 Rev. Thomas A. Lynch (1987) Peterborough
24 Rev. D. Ken McMahon (1985) London
  Rev. Chester J. Warenda (1997) Sault Ste. Marie
25 Rev. John J. Hall (1953) London
26 Rev. Jerome L. Arnold (1981) C.R.
  Rev. J. William “Bill” Farrell (2002) London
  Rev. Overend (Vern) Brunning (2007) C.R.
  Sandra Brown, (M.Div., ‘84) (2009)
27 Rev. Felix Bezaire (2003) London 
28 Rev. Edgar H. Robert (2000) London
29 Rev. Msgr. Leonard M. Forristal (1971) London
  Rev. Msgr. Eugene J. Clark (1990) Scranton
  Rev. David R. Côté (2005) Hamilton
31 Rev. Msgr. William T. Corcoran (1970) London
1 Rev. Arnold Smith (1997) Scranton
  Rev. William McKenna (2006) London
2 Rev. Clarence Clark (1978) C.R.
  Rev. James J. Muldoon (1997) Thunder Bay
3 Rev. Roy B. Cassin (1967) London
  Rev. Cliff J. Girard (1994) London
4 Rev. Louis F. Mattus (1981) C.R.
  Rev. Pierre Tétrault (1986) Les Pères Blancs
  Rev. Paul Reilly (2001) Hamilton
5 Rev. George J. Zimney (1982) London
  Rev. Lawrence C. Paquette (1986) London
7 Rev. John M. Michon (1985) London
  Rev. Lorne Whalen (2004) Pembroke
  Ted Czap (2006) London
8 Rev. Bernard Ignatius Leboldus (2008) Regina
  Rev. James A. Walsh (2009) Toledo, OH
9 Walter Bildstein (1993) C.R.
  Rev. Fred Doll (1998) London
  Rev. Mark Wildgen (2004) London
10 Rev. Edward “Eddie” Forton (2004) London
11 Rev. Preston T. Jeffrey (1961) Pembroke
  Rev. Msgr. Reginald A. Carroll (1995) Thunder Bay
12 Rev. Anthony Suchocki (1991) Scranton
  Rev. Rian Clancy (2005) C.P.
13 Rev. Frank Rockwood (1928) Edmonton
  Rev. Jim H. Drouillard (1996) London
  Most Rev. Brian L. Hennessy (1997) C.R. Diocese of Hamilton in Bermuda
17 Rev. Msgr. Gerald “Gerry” J. Burns (1999) Scranton
  Rev. L. Merlyn Ethier (2004) Pembroke
18 Rev. Michael “Mike” F. Dwyer (1950) London
  Rev. Msgr. Maurice J. Cooney (1982) Winnipeg
  Rev. Thomas A. Tracy (1993) Scranton
  Rev. Thomas “Tom” Patrick Mooney (2009) London
20 Rev. Michael “Mike” J. J. Galenas (1979) Scranton
  Rev. Charles “Charlie” E. Sullivan (1980) London
  Rev. John J. Kelley (2003) Scranton
21 Rev. Thomas J. McCarthy (1950) London
22 Most Rev. Michael Francis Fallon, O.M.I. Founder of the Seminary (1931)
  Rev. Raymond “Ray” J. Groome (1991) London
23 Rev. William T. Moran (1942) London
24 Rev. Leonard W. Oberle (1970) C.R.
  Rev. Donald G. Allaster (2004)
26 Rev. Michael J. Fallon (1934) London
27 Rev. Patrick “Pat” J. Donovan (1978) London
  Rev. Eugene L. Oroskovits (1979) Winnipeg
  Rev. John L. Steele (1982) Vancouver
28 Rev. Andrew Ernewein (1976) C.R.
2 Rev. Gerard E. Van Vynckt (1983) Society of Mary
  Rev. Gordon Ferguson (1990) C.R.
  Rev. Paul E. Crunican (1994) London
  Most Rev. James P. Mahoney (1995) Saskatoon
3 Rev. Laurent P. Lacharité (1993) London
4 Rev. Al R. Hall (1981) Winnipeg
  Rev. Henry Van Vynckt (1982) London
  Rev. Martin J. Dacey (1998) Scranton
8 Rev. Msgr. Austin “Gus” J. Caron (1983) London
  Rev. Edward V. Sokolowski (2007) Scranton
9 Rev. T. Gordon “Gord” Dill (1987) London
  Rev. Fabian Ayers (1997) C.R.
  Rev. E. Carl Keane (1997) London
10 Rev. Clement W. “Clem” Janisse (1997) London
11 Rev. J. Bart Clark (1992) London
  Paul Schiller (2004) London
12 Rev. Paul A. Roy (1994) London
13 Rev. Donald J. McMaster (2001) London
15 Rev. Msgr. Joseph T. Shaughnessy (1987) Scranton
  Rev. Charles “Charlie” L. Giroux (1993) Pembroke
17 Rev. Lawrence “Larry” J. Coughlin (1987) London
18 Rev. John T. Gibbons (1968) London/Calgary
20 Rev. Carl J. Benninger (1956) C.R.
  Rev. Msgr. Walter Bradley (1986) Sault Ste. Marie
21 Rev. Jack E. Roenicke (1969) Thunder Bay
  Rev. Gerry Prince (1981) London
22 Rev. W. A. Jordan (1968) Winnipeg
  Rev. Lionel C. Morand (2008) London
23 Rev. Tony F. Scalisi (1970) London
24 Rev. Peter B. Hussey (2001) Sault Sainte Marie 
25 Rev. John F. Lynch (1973) London
  Rev. J. Hugh Fleming (1990) London
26 Rev. Peter Fehrenbach (1980) C.R.
  Rev. Ray Moynahan (1980) London
27 Rev. Maxime “Max” A. Brisson (1938) London
  Rev. Michael Weiller (1970) C.R.
  Rev. Bernard Linscott (1980) Winnipeg
  Rev. Msgr. William “Bill” Bourdeau (1986) London
28 Rev. Marcel L. LeBoeuf (1984) London
  Rev. Robert “Bob” J. Armstrong (1990) Toledo
29 Rev. Pat McCormack (1965) Grand Falls
  Rev. Ted V. Sobisch (1987) C.R.
1 Rev. Leonard S. Retza (1975) Pembroke
  Rev. Robert “Bob” J. Ogle (1998) Saskatoon
2 Rev. John J. McCowell (1973) London
  Rev. Joseph “Joe” L. O'Rourke (1994) London
  Rev. Fred Bechely (2008) C.R.
  Rev. James J. Morelli (2008) Nelson
4 Rev. Msgr. John S. Robinson (1979) Saskatoon
5 Rev. George F. Childs (1997) London
6 Rev. Msgr. John F. Harrington (1990) Pembroke
  Rev. T. Victor Killoran (1993) C.R.
  MAJ (Rev.) Michael J. Dalton (2009) London
7 Rev. Msgr. Joseph “Joe” A. Feeney (1981) London
9 Rev. Wilfrid P. McNabb (1974) London
10 Rev. Hillsdon B. McManus (1952) London
  Rev. Clarence J. Weiss (1967) C.R.
11 Rev. Achille A. Rondot (1957) London
  Rev. Steve W. Toth (1986) London
12 Rev. Jimmy A. Harding (1963) O.F.M. London
  Rev. Msgr. F. J. Schachtel (1981) Regina
  Rev. Msgr. John J. White (1982) London
  Rev. Jack Molloy (1989) Regina
13 Rev. Hubert D. Roy (1957) London
  Rev. Michael “Mike” J. Hughes (1992) London
14 Rev. Msgr. Albert Hogan (1966) Thunder Bay
15 Rev. Msgr. J. Austin Roney (1990) London
  L'Abbé Leonidas Marchand (1997) Winnipeg
  Rev. Msgr. Vito Grespan (2008) London
16 Rev. John C. Cmiel (1985) Scranton
17 Rev. Raymond “Ray” G. Forton (1993) London
18 Rev. Jack G. Winter (1997) London
19 Rev. Paul P. Cottone (2006) Scranton
20 Rev. Msgr. Frank P. Devine (1963) Sault Ste. Marie
21 Rev. Msgr. Frank J. Brennan (1964) London
22 Rev. Fabian Dietrich (1976) C.R.
  Most Rev. James L. Doyle (2004) Peterborough
24 Rev. Benno Graf (1986) C.R.
25 Rev. Stanley McGuire (2001) London
  Wilfrid Kenneth Keelan (2006) London
26 Rev. Jerry Langan (1981) London
28 Canon Harold G. Jones (2003) Timmins
29 Rev. Frank A. Dentinger (1992) C.R.
  Rev. John Mooney (2003) London
30 Rev. Stan A. Andrusiewicz (1948) Nelson
1 Rev. Felix A. Agnew (1976) Kingston
  Rev. Joseph “Joe” Balzer (1998) Regina
4 Rev. Russell C. Manning (1983) Winnipeg
6 Rev. Bart G. Gaffney (1961) London
7 Rev. Earl J. McMahon (1950) London
  Rev. Albert P. Spencer (1998) London
  William “Bill” Cooney (2007) London
8 Rev. Lawrence Wittig (1977) Thunder Bay
  Rev. Edward C. Doyle (1980) Nelson
  Rev. Thomas J. Gallagher (1999) Hamilton
9 Rev. John J. Cheevers (1986) Nelson
  Rev. Louis L. Ouellette (2002) London
10 Rev. James J. Carrigan (2003) London 4th Rector of St. Peter’s Seminary
11 Rev. John Fabian (2005) Scranton 
13 Rev. Gerald Cooper (1971) Pembroke
  Rev. John K. McMaster (1973) London
14 Rev. Leo H. Marchand (1955) London
15 Rev. Joseph “Joe” P. Nelligan (1990) London
16 Rev. Lionel A. Bélanger (1991) London
  Rev. Alfred Bietighofer (2002) Bridgeport, CT
17 Rev. Paul Beck (2003) London
19 Rev. Jacques Michaud (1992) Sault Ste. Marie
21 Rev. Norman J. Weaver (1960) C.R.
  Rev. E. Martin Skillen (1967) Sault Ste. Marie
  Rev. Joseph “Joe” H. Moss (1991) London
  Rev. Arthur L. Meloche (2008) London
22 Most Rev. Bernard J. Murphy (1974) C.R. Diocese of Hamilton in Bermuda
  Rev. John Finn (1995) C.R.
23 Rev. Stephen G. Waschak (1956) Scranton
  Rev. William A. Burns (1986) C.R.
24 Rev. M. Dan Monaghan (1970) London
  Most Rev. Nino Marzoli (2000) C.R. Archdiocese of Santa Cruz, Bolivia
25 Rev. John V. Tobin (1939) London 1st Rector of St. Peter’s Seminary
26 Rev. William J. O'Flaherty (1962) London
  Rev. Douglas “Doug” F. Boyer (1999) London
28 Rev. J. Caesar Levacque (1979) London
29 Rev. Wilfrid Roy (1939) London
  Rev. Msgr. E. Ambrose O'Donnell (1966) London
  Rev. E. Joseph Chevalier (1992) London
  Gordon J. Lang (1995) C.R.
30 Rev. Herman R. Reardon (1994) London
1 Rev. Msgr. J. Anthony “Tony” Tito (1995) Scranton
3 Rev. Charles “Charlie” E. Lanoue (1991) London
  Rev. Msgr. John B. O'Donnell (1999) London
4 Rev. John V. Buchheit (1973) Sault Ste. Marie
  Rev. Cameron “Cam” F. McMartin (1980) London
  Rev. Msgr. Leonard Morand (2007) Saskatoon
5 Rev. Joseph Collins (2002) Peterborough 
7 Rev. Ovila E. Charbonneau (1956) London
  Rev. Oscar A. Martin (1974) London
  Rev. Joseph “Joe” V. McGraw (1986) London
  Rev. Joseph John McCormick (2004) London
8 Rev. Frank J. Bricklin (1980) London
  Rev. Len L. Sullivan (1999) Regina
9 Rev. Anthony G. Burman (1977) C.R.
  Rev. John J. Dastick (1984) Scranton
11 Rev. J. Herman Pocock (1955) London
  Rev. John H. Spielmacher (1979) C.R.
12 Rev. Radey J. McKenna (1962) Hamilton
  Rev. Joseph “Joe” A. Reinhart (1999) M.M.
14 Rev. Patrick Sheridan (2003) C.R. 
  Rev. Msgr. Donald MacGillivray (2008) Saskatoon
15 Rev. Leo E. Reed-Lewis (1962) London
  Rev. A. J. “Benny” Jacques (1967) M.M.
  Rev. Simon E. White (1970) London
  Rev. J. Laurent Fortin (1986) Sault Ste. Marie
16 Rev. Joseph N. Cormylo (1992) Ukrainian Archeparchy of Winnipeg
17 Rev. Msgr. John E. Prokopovitsh (1975) Scranton
  Rev. Isaiah “Ike” W. Rice (2007) Pembroke
18 Rev. James Hickey (1992) St. John’s, NF
19 Rev. John F. McConnell (1988) M.M.
  Rev. Gary Roy (2001) London
20 Rev. Edward Hennessy (1981) C.P.
  Rev. Girard F. Angelo (2009) Scranton
21 Rev. John J. O'Halloran (1985) Edmonton
  Rev. Joseph “Joe” F. Dormans (1991) Saskatoon
23 Rev. D. J. Desjardins (1969) Winnipeg
  Al Vershraegen (1988) London
24 Rev. Francis E. Brown (2006) Boston Society of St. James 
25 Rev. James “Jimmy” F. Farry (1990) Scranton
26 Rev. William “Bill” Morris (1999) London
27 Rev. Fernand LaFontaine (2001) Sault Ste. Marie
28 Rev. John J. Montag (1978) Thunder Bay
29 Rev. J. Zotique Mailloux (1945) London
  Rev. Ernest Arthur Yandeau (1969) Regina
30 Rev. Robert “Bob” J. Drouillard (1961) London
1 Rev. Leo J. Kelly (1963) London
  Rev. R. Alec MacDonald (1976) Victoria
  Rev. Charles “Charlie” V. McNabb (1994) London
2 Rev. Bruce Hartleib (1998) Hamilton
4 Rev. Kenneth P. Bradley (2002) Pembroke
  Rev. Leo Gardzalla (2005) Scranton
  Rev. Bede E. Clancy (2007) O.F.M.
  Rev. Joseph Gerard Snyder (2009) London
5 Rev. Msgr. Andrew P. Mahoney (1985) London 3rd Rector of St. Peter’s Seminary
6 Rev. Joseph M. Cano (2003) Thunder Bay
7 Rev. Hubert Gehl (1985) C.R.
  Rev. Henry J. Maloney (1987) Pembroke
8 Rev. Msgr. James C. Kelly (1948) London
  Rev. Jeffrey J. Tourigny (1987) Sault Ste. Marie
9 Rev. Msgr. Jean Z. Noel (1996) London
  Rev. Harry Laragh (2001) London
  Rev. P. Donald Healey (2004) Scranton
12 Rev. Michael Melnick (1967) Ukrainian Archeparchy of Winnipeg
13 Rev. Msgr. Fergus “Ferg” J. Laverty (1998) London
  Rev. Charles “Charlie” Campbell (2001) London
14 Rev. Leo A. Burns (1988) Scranton
15 Rev. John J. Young (1932) London
  Rev. Fred “Fritz” R. Costello (1978) London
17 Rev. M. Ignatius O'Neil (1972) London
18 Rev. Isidore J. Poisson (1961) London
  Rev. John F. Coughlan (1989) Peterborough
19 Rev. E. Cameron MacDonald (1962) S.F.M.
  Rev. Msgr. Phil A. Mugan (1996) London
20 Rev. Gerard J. Bineau (1970) Montréal
  Rev. Frank J. Kurta (1980) London
23 Rev. John A. Callaghan (1970) Sault Ste. Marie
24 Rev. “Gerry” W. Quenneville (1994) London
  Rev. Msgr. Patrick E. Cavanagh (2003) London
25 Rev. Alec R. Greengrass (1986) Thunder Bay
  Rev. Paul R. Sargewitz (1988) London
  Rev. John J. Bensette (1991) London
26 Rev. William “Bill” J. Ring (1974) London
28 Rev. Msgr. Joseph “Joe” H. O'Neil (1970) London
  Rev. John Ferguson (1989) Scranton
  Rev. Cornelius L. Siegfried (1989) C.R.
29 Rev. Gregory Pumphrey (1995) Grand Falls
30 Rev. Jerry P. Gleeson (1963) London
1 Rev. Norbert Dentinger (1966) C.R.
  Rev. Cyril A. Doyle (1984) London
  Peter “Pete” C. McCabe (1998) London
2 Rev. Agnellus Pickelle (1994) S.A.
3 Rev. Frederick G. Keleher (1983) C.R.
4 Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Super (1998) Scranton
6 Rev. Edward P. Weber (1958) London
  Rev. Hugh J. Hayes (1965) C.R.
7 Rev. Leo J. Cushing (1961) C.R.
  Rev. Al Ziembra (1979) Scranton
  Rev. Jim M. McAuliffe (1989) Scranton
  Rev. Earl D. Paré (1999) London
  Rev. Peter van der Biezen (2002) London
8 Rev. Leo W. Power (1949) London
  Rev. Msgr. Joseph “Joe” A. Cook (1983) London
9 Rev. Msgr. William “Bill” S. Morrison (1975) London
  Rev. Simon J. McDonald (1983) London
10 Rev. Hilary A. O'Neil (1974) Sault Ste. Marie
11 Rev. Msgr. Lester “Les” A. Wemple (1980) London
12 Rev. Remi J. Durand (1972) London
  Rev. Frank O. Murphy (2000) Sault Ste. Marie
13 Rev. Francois Blais (1994) Sault Ste. Marie
14 Rev. Leo Dentinger (1971) C.R.
  Rev. Jerome Urbanski (1984) London
  Rev. James “Jim” Hickey (2001) Sault Ste. Marie
15 Rev. Gerry H. Duchene (1996) London
16 Rev. John J. Kowalkiewicz (1990) Scranton
18 Rev. Joseph “Joe” E. Brisson (1997) London
  Rev. Giovanni Battaglini (2001) Peterborough Society of St. James
19 Rev. Joseph “Joe” J. Roman (1954) Scranton
  Rev. Percy V. Drouillard (1986) London
20 Rev. Larry T. Poisson (1999) London
21 Rev. Magnus Strauss (1974) Hamilton
  Rev. Edward “Ed” O. Hug (1996) Toledo
22 Rev. Msgr. William “Bill” E. Dillon (1954) London
  Rev. T. Wheeler (1970) Regina
  Rev. Msgr. Donald “Don” Heintschel (2000) Toledo
24 Rev. James Louis Quinlan (1941) S. J. London
  Rev. Msgr. Reginald “Reg” E. Dillon (1981) Pembroke
27 Rev. Carl J. Walsh (1970) London
  Rev. Bernard F. Hunt (1983) Pembroke
  Most Rev. Bernard “Bernie” Pappin (1998) Sault Ste. Marie
28 Rev. Henri Masse (1977) London
29 Rev. Roman Hinschburger (1975) C.R.
30 Most Rev. Denis O’Connor (1942) Bishop of Peterborough 2nd Rector of Seminary
  Rev. Arthur M. McHugh (1963) London
  Rev. Charles J. O'Donnell (1982) Scranton
  Rev. Msgr. William “Bill” Hogan (1999) Grand Falls, NF
31 Rev. Frank N. Crawford (1989) Toledo
2 Rev. William Dunleavy (1980) Scranton
  Inger Rosback (M.D., M.Div., ‘84) (2009) 
3 Rev. Frank J. Walsh (1975) London
  Rev. Carl A. Pettit (1983) London
  Rev. Brian P. Coady (1994) London
4 Rev. Joseph “Joe” A. Saltry (1998) Scranton
  Rev. Joseph “Joe” Hennessy (2001) London
5 Rev. Fred Oberholzer (1995) C.R.
6 Most Rev. Philip F. Pocock (1984) Archbishop of Toronto
  Rev. Robert A. Graveline (1991) London
  Rev. Msgr. Donald W. Neumann (2003) Vancouver
7 Rev. John A. Jordan (1957) London
8 Rev. Hank R. Szteiter (1987) Toledo
10 Rev. J. Isaac Ducharme (1954) London
  Rev. Lucien A. Daoust (1967) Sault Ste. Marie
  Rev. Luke L. Gillis (1972) Scranton
  Rev. Richard “Dick” Walsh (1997) Peterborough
12 Rev. Edward E. Veitenheimer (1984) London
  Rev. Bernard Wall (1999) London
  Rev. Leo Légault (2000) Sault Ste. Marie
  Rev. Msgr. Patrick J. Byrne (2002) Peterborough
14 Rev. Robert Nealon (1985) Scranton
  Rev. Frank “Bud” Meyer (1988) Thunder Bay
15 Rev. Robert “Bob” A. Van Vynckt (1991) London
16 Rev. Gerry J. Labelle (1964) London
  Rev. William “Bill” J. Phelan (1967) London
17 Rev. John L. Stacey (1935) Edmonton
  Rev. Peter B. Graf (1960) C.R.
  Rev. Roger Beneteau (2000) London
18 Rev. Alphonse J. Zukauskas (1959) Scranton
19 Rev. Leo J. Flynn (1996) London
22 Rev. Frank Cox (1995) Peterborough
  Rev. Karunei Joseph (1997) Hamilton
23 Rev. Arnold F. Loebach (1991) London
  Rev. James “Jim” E. Kelly (1993) London
24 Rev. Maurice N. Sullivan (1950) London
26 Rev. James S. O'Connor (1969) C.R.
  Rev. G. Walter Strub (1969) C.R.
27 Rev. Erwin A. Frank (1969) Nelson
  Rev. Al Sasso (1991) London
29 Rev. Frank A. McCardle (1949) London
  Rev. Kevin M. Ryan (1984) Corner Brook and Labrador, NL
1 Rev. Melvin “Mel” J. Quenneville (1970) London
  Rev. Ernest “Ernie” Schumacher (2001) C.R.
2 Rev. Joseph A. Kovalski (1943) Wichita
  Rev. Cliff O. Day (1985) Hamilton
  Rev. Msgr. Lucien J. Cholette (1994) Sault Ste. Marie
  Rev. James Lynch (1997) Nelson
3 Rev. Gregory L. Blondé (1952) London
  Rev. J. Arthur Finn (1963) London
  Rev. Joseph Ryan (2001) Scranton
6 Rev. Robert “Bob” G. Warden (1993) London
  Rev. John “Jack” O’Flaherty (2001) London
7 Rev. John J. Lynch (1956) Pembroke
8 Rev. Thomas O’Keefe (2001) S.J. 
10 Rev. Eugene A. Moran (1971) Scranton
  Rev. Leonard J. Murphy (1981) Sault Ste. Marie
12 Rev. A. Joseph “Joe” Schwemler (1955) London
13 Rev. Anthony Firetto (1973) C.R.
14 Rev. Raymond “Ray” Renaud (2001) London
15 Rev. Richard D. Kunka (1972) Regina
  Rev. Alvin P. Marentette (1982) London
  Rev. Paul Beneteau (2006) London
16 Rev. Claude M. Straus (1970) C.R.
  Rev. Msgr. Kenneth “Ken” T. Horan (1995) Scranton
17 Rev. Joseph “Joe” Finn (1999) London
18 Rev. John R. Quigley (1946) London
  Rev. Joseph S. Reguly (1988) Thunder Bay
19 Rev. Msgr. Wilfrid J. Langlois (1971) London
  Rev. Anthony “Tony” Durand (1999) London
20 Rev. Leo J. O'Malley (1966) Scranton 
22 Rev. Norm A. Andries (1998) Regina
23 Rev. Edward A. Zablocki (1948) Scranton
  Rev. John W. P. Graham (2006) London
25 Rev. E. Harris Mulcahey (1993) Sault Ste. Marie
  Rev. James “Jim” F. Summers (2005) London
26 Rev. G. Joseph “Joe” O'Sullivan (1998) Peterborough
28 Rev. Carl Fritz (1989) C.R.
30 Rev. John T. Maloney (1949) London
31 Rev. James F. Houlihan (1998) Peterborough 
1 Rev. John E. Zipay (1988) Scranton
  Rev. James “Butch” Delaney, (2004) Sault Ste. Marie
2 Rev. Michael Cundari (1986) C.R.
  Rev. John “Jack” Quinn, (2007) Pembroke
3 Rev. Aloysius “Al” L. Nolan (1983) London
4 Rev. Arthur Leonard (2000) Victoria
  Rev. Charles Mulrooney (2001) Scranton
  Rev. Kenneth “Kenny” Donnelly (2002) Sault Ste. Marie
5 Rev. Msgr. Basil Dzurman (1994)Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto
9 Rev. Msgr. Patrick. H. Harrigan (1979) London
  Rev. Eugene G. Tyson (2003) C.R.
11 Rev. Thomas Moran (1938) London
  Rev. Joseph “Joe” Eliens (1990) S.C.J.
  Rev. William “Bill” Laurie (1997) Nelson
  Rev. Edward J. Dentinger (2003) C.R.
12 Rev. Victor “Vic” C. Côté (1974) London
  Rev. Charles “Charlie” F. Bechtel (1976) Toledo
  Rev. William J. Lalonde (1994) Sault Ste. Marie
13 Rev. Frank McCarty (1934) London
  Rev. J. Magloire Baillargeon (1946) London
  Rev. Paul H. Sylvestre (1976) Pembroke
  Rev. Leo J. Kozlowski (1984) Scranton
  Rev. L. A. Villeneuve (1991) Sault Ste. Marie
15 Rev. John M. Fogarty (1971) London
  Most Rev. Thomas J. McCarthy (1986) Bishop of St. Catharines
16 Rev. Joseph Hoffarth (1949) C.R.
17 Rev. Joseph Scharfenberger (1994) C.R.
19 Rev. J. Tom Currier (1956) Edmonton
  Rev. James Brian Ffoulkes (1963) London
20 Rev. Desmond “Des” Leeper (1979) Saskatoon
  Rev. David Doran (2005) C.R.
22 Most Rev. Ralph H. Dignan (1958) 2nd Bishop of Sault Ste. Marie
  Rev. Msgr. John Uyen (1968) London
  Rev. Msgr. James R. Ketchen (1972) Edmonton
23 Rev. Gus P. Coniff (1985) Scranton
  Rev. Patrick Mackan (1990) C.R.
24 Rev. Charles “Charlie” Gibney (1992) Regina
  Joseph Patrick Leonard (2008) London
26 Rev. Theodore J. Hoeks (1994) Winnipeg
29 Rev. Harry A. Opperman (1975) C.R.
  Rev. Harry F. Feeney (1978) C.R.
  Rev. William “Bill” Hines (2008) Scranton
1 Rev. Edward T. Gallagher (1975) Scranton
2 Rev. Thomas G. Hill (1961) Hamilton
  Rev. Msgr. Vincent W. Walsh (1989) London
  Rev. Wilfred Bourque (2006) London
3 Rev. James A. Mackesy (1969) London
  Rev. Edward Dietrich (1989) C.R.
  Rev. Al Kerckhaert (1990) London
  Rev. Peter A. Oostveen (1996) London
4 Rev. Herbert T. Richards (1918) London
5 Rev. Msgr. Louis “Lou” J. Phelan (1976) London
  Rev. John J. Purcell (1981) Scranton
  Rev. Clarence “Fitz” Fitzgerald (2007) London
6 Rev. Fred J. Swaine (1977) Hamilton
7 Rev. Herbert T. Fallon (1961) London
  Rev. Leo E. Charron (1998) London
8 Rev. Aubrey J. Lucier (1950) London
9 Rev. Daniel “Dan” J. Brown (1979) Scranton
  Rev. Msgr. John P. Gallagher (2007) Scranton
10 Rev. K. G. McLennan (1976) Edmonton
11 Rev. William “Bill” F. Simpson (1989) London
  Rev. Elwyn Albert Morris (2006) London
13 Rev. T. Lawrence “Larry” McManus (1973) London
14 Rev. Harry Higgins (1989) Hamilton
15 Rev. J. Wilfrid Roy (1939) London
16 Rev. Pierre T. Boudreau (1980) London
17 Rev. Thomas “Tom” J. Hannigan (1984) Scranton
  Rev. Leo Speagle (1997) Hamilton
  Roger Spalding (BTh, ‘71) (2005)
18 Rev. John J. O'Neil (1995) Scranton
19 Rev. L.C. “Mike” Langan (2005) London
20 Rev. Msgr. John J. Currie (1996) Winnipeg
24 Rev. Msgr. West T. Flannery (1978) London
25 Rev. Vincent J. O'Donnell (1979) Sault Ste. Marie
  Rev. Thomas G. May (1988) Pembroke
  Rev. Patrick Joseph Costello (2007)?London
27 Rev. Walter W. Poplawski (1982) Scranton
  Rev. Stan A. Nouvion (1992) London
28 Rev. John R. Bullbrook (1969) C.R.
  Rev. Wilfrid T. O'Rourke (1980) London
30 Rev. William “Bill” G. Smith (1977) London
  Rev. Wilfred Zettel (1984) C.R.
31 Rev. Edward J. Ryan (1974) O.C.S.O.
  Rev. Donal Kevin Lehane (2005) Victoria


Religious Order Abbreviations

C.P. Congregation of the Passion
C.P.P.S  Missionaries of the Precious Blood
C.R.  Congregation of the Resurrection
C.S.B. Basilian Fathers
C.S.M.A Michaelite Fathers
C.S.Sp. Spiritans (Congregation of the Holy Ghost)
M.M.  Maryknoll Missionaries
O.C.S.O. Order of Cistercians of Strict Observance
O.F.M. Franciscans
O.F.M.Cap. Capuchins
O.M.I. Oblates of Mary Immaculate
S.C.J. Sacred Heart of Jesus (Priests of the)
S.F.M. Scarboro Foreign Missions
S.J. Society of Jesus (Jesuits)


Index by Last Name

Agnew, F.A. 01-May
Allaster, D. 24-Feb
Andries, N.A. 22-Oct
Andrusiewicz, S.A. 30-Apr
Angelo, G.F, 20-Jun
Armstrong, R.J. 28-Mar
Arnold, J.L. 26-Jan
Ayers, F. 09-Mar
Baillargeon, M. 13-Nov
Balzer, J. 01-May
Barnes, J. 02-Jan
Battaglini, G. 18-Aug
Bechely, F.A. 02-Apr
Bechtel, C.F. 12-Nov
Beck, P. 17-May
Bélanger, L.A. 16-May
Beneteau, P. 15-Oct
Beneteau, R. 17-Sep
Benninger, C.J. 20-Mar
Bensette, J.J. 25-Jul
Bezaire, F. 27-Jan
Bietighofer, A. 16-May
Bildstein, W. 09-Feb
Bineau, G.J. 20-Jul
Blais, F. 13-Aug
Blondé, G.L. 03-Oct
Bodendistel, P.J. 03-Jan
Boudreau, T.P. 16-Dec
Bourdeau, W. 27-Mar
Bourque, W. 02-Dec
Boyer, D.F. 26-May
Bradley, K.P. 04-Jul
Bradley, W. 20-Mar
Brennan, H.R. 02-Jan
Brennan, F., J. 21-Apr
Bricklin, F.J. 08-Jun
Brisson, M.A. 27-Mar
Brisson, J.E. 18-Aug
Brown, D.J. 09-Dec
Brown, F.E. 24-Jun
Brown, S. 26-Jan
Brunning, O. 26-Jan
Buchheit, J.V. 04-Jun
Bullbrook, J.R. 28-Dec
Burman, A.G. 09-Jun
Burns, L.A. 14-Jul
Burns, W.A. 23-May
Burns, G.J. 17-Feb
Byrne, P., J. 12-Sep
Callaghan, J.A.,  23-Jul
Campbell, C. 13-Jul
Cano, J.M. 06-Jul
Caron, A.J.,  08-Mar
Carrigan, J.J. 10-May
Carroll, R.A.,  11-Feb
Cassin, R.B.,  03-Feb
Cavanagh, P.E.,  24-Jul
Charbonneau, O., ,  07-Jun
Charron, L.E. 07-Dec
Cheevers, J.J. 09-May
Chevalier, E.J. 29-May
Childs, G.F. 05-Apr
Chisolm, J.H. 10-Jan
Cholette, L.J. 02-Oct
Clancy, B. 04-Jul
Clancy, R. 12-Feb
Clark, J.B. 11-Mar
Clark, C. 02-Feb
Clark, E.J. 29-Jan
Cmiel, J.C. 16-Apr
Coady, B.P. 03-Sep
Collins, J. 05-Jun
Coniff, A.P. 23-Nov
Cook, J.A. 08-Aug
Cooney, M.J. 18-Feb
Cooney, W. 07-May
Cooper, G. 13-May
Corcoran, W.T. 31-Jan
Cormylo, J.N. 16-Jun
Costello, F.R. 15-Jul
Costello, P.J. 25-Dec
Côte, D.R. 29-Jan
Côté, V., C. 12-Nov
Cottone, P.P. 19-Apr
Coughlan, J.F. 18-Jul
Coughlin, L.J. 17-Mar
Cox, F. 22-Sep
Crawford, F.N. 31-Aug
Crunican, P.E. 02-Mar
Cundari, M. 02-Nov
Currie, J.J. 20-Dec
Currier, J.T. 19-Nov
Cushing, L.J. 07-Aug
Czap, T. 07-Feb
Dacey, M.J. 04-Mar
Dalton, M.J. 06-Apr
Daoust, L.A. 10-Sep
Dastick, J.J. 09-Jun
Day, C.O. 02-Oct
Delaney, J. 01-Nov
Dentinger, E.J. 11-Nov
Dentinger, F.A. 29-Apr
Dentinger, L.A. 14-Aug
Dentinger, N. 01-Aug
Desjardins, D.J. 23-Jun
Desmarais, J.P. 15-Jan
Devine, F.P. 20-Apr
Dietrich, E. 03-Dec
Dietrich, F. 22-Apr
Dignan, R.H. 22-Nov
Dill, T., G. 09-Mar
Dillon, R.E. 24-Aug
Dillon, W.E. 22-Aug
Doll, F. 09-Feb
Donnelly, K. 04-Nov
Donovan, P.J. 27-Feb
Doran, D. 20-Nov
Dormans, J.F. 21-Jun
Doyle, C.A. 01-Aug
Doyle, E.C. 08-May
Doyle, J.L. 22-Apr
Drouillard, J.H. 13-Feb
Drouillard, R.J. 30-Jun
Drouillard, P.V. 19-Aug
Ducharme, J.I. 10-Sep
Duchene, G.H. 15-Aug
Dulong, J. 20-Jan
Dunleavy, W. 02-Sep
Durand, A. 19-Oct
Durand, R.J. 12-Aug
Dwyer, M.F. 18-Feb
Dzurman, B. 05-Nov
Eliens, J. 11-Nov
Ernewein, A. 28-Feb
Ethier, L. 17-Feb
Fabian, J. 11-May
Fallon, H.T. 07-Dec
Fallon, M.F. 22-Feb
Fallon, M.J. 26-Feb
Farrell, J.W. 26-Jan
Farry, J.F. 25-Jun
Feeney, H.F. 29-Nov
Feeney, J.A. 07-Apr
Fehrenbach, P. 26-Mar
Ferguson, G. 02-Mar
Ferguson, J. 28-Jul
Ferresse, J. 13-Jan
Ffoulkes, J.B. 19-Nov
Finn, J. 17-Oct
Finn, J. 22-May
Finn, J.A. 03-Oct
Firetto, A. 13-Oct
Fitzgerald, C.P. 05-Dec
Flannery, W.T. 24-Dec
Fleming, J.H. 25-Mar
Flynn, L.J. 19-Sep
Fogarty, J.M. 15-Nov
Forristal, L.M. 29-Jan
Fortin, J.L. 15-Jun
Forton, E.,  10-Feb
Forton, R.G.,  17-Apr
Frank, E.A.,  27-Sep
Fritz, C.,  28-Oct
Gaffney, B.G. 06-May
Galenas, J.J. 20-Feb
Gallagher, E.T.,  01-Dec
Gallagher, J.P. 09-Dec
Gallagher, T.J.,  08-May
Garozalla, L. 04-Jul
Gehl, H.,  07-Jul
Gibbons, J.T.,  18-Mar
Gibney, C.,  24-Nov
Gillis, L.L.,  10-Sep
Girard, C.J.,  03-Feb
Giroux, C.L.,  15-Mar
Glavin, E.R.,  22-Jan
Glavin, J. 31-Dec
Gleeson, J.P.,  30-Jul
Graf, B. 24-Apr
Graf, P., B.,  17-Sep
Graham, J.W.P. 23-Oct
Graveline, R.A.,  06-Sep
Greengrass, A.R.,  25-Jul
Grespan, V. 15-Apr
Groome, R.J.,  22-Feb
Hall, A.R.,  04-Mar
Hall, J.J.,  25-Jan
Hannigan, T.J. 17-Dec
Harding, J.A. 12-Apr
Harrigan, P.H. 09-Nov
Harrington, J.F. 06-Apr
Hartleib, B. 02-Jul
Hass, M.J. 20-Jan
Hayes, H.J. 06-Aug
Healey, P.D. 09-Jul
Heintschel, D. 22-Aug
Hennessy, B.L. 13-Feb
Hennessy, E. 20-Jun
Hennessy, J. 04-Sep
Hickey, J. 18-Jun
Hickey, J. 14-Aug
Higgins, H. 14-Dec
Hill, T.G. 02-Dec
Hines, W. 29-Nov
Hinschburger, R. 29-Aug
Hoeks, T.J. 26-Nov
Hoffarth, J. 16-Nov
Hogan, A. 14-Apr
Hogan, W. 30-Aug
Hollerhead, J.T. 07-Jan
Horan, K.T.,  16-Oct
Houlihan, J.F. 31-Oct
Hug, E.O. 21-Aug
Hughes, M.J. 13-Apr
Hunt, B.F. 27-Aug
Hunter, R.B. 21-Jan
Hussey, P.B. 24-Mar
Jacques, A.J. 15-Jun
Janisse, C.W.,  10-Mar
Jeffrey, P.T. 11-Feb
Jones, H.G. 28-Apr
Jordan, J.A. 07-Sep
Jordan, W.A. 22-Mar
Joseph, K. 22-Sep
Keane, E.C. 09-Mar
Keelan, W.K. 25-Apr
Keleher, F.G. 03-Aug
Kelley, J. 20-Feb
Kelly, D. 19-Jan
Kelly, J.E. 23-Sep
Kelly, J.C. 08-Jul
Kelly, L.J. 01-Jul
Kerckhaert, A. 03-Dec
Ketchen, J.R. 22-Nov
Killoran, T.V. 06-Apr
Kovalski, J.A. 02-Oct
Kowalkiewicz, J.J. 16-Aug
Kozlowski, L.J. 13-Nov
Kunka, R.D. 15-Oct
Kurta, F.J. 20-Jul
Labelle, G.J. 16-Sep
Lacharité, L.P. 03-Mar
Lafontaine, F. 27-Jun
Lalonde, W.J. 12-Nov
Lang, G. 29-May
Langan, L.C. 19-Dec
Langan, R.J. 26-Apr
Langlois, W.J. 19-Oct
Lanoue, C.E. 03-Jun
Laragh, H. 09-Jul
Laurie, W. 11-Nov
Laverty, F.J. 13-Jul
Laverty, B.R. 10-Jan
Lavigne, N.E. 15-Jan
LeBoeuf, M.L. 28-Mar
Leboldus, B. 08-Feb
Leeper, D. 20-Nov
Lefaive, R.J. 03-Jan
Legault, L. 12-Sep
Lehane, D.K. 31-Dec
Leonard, A. 04-Nov
Leonard, J. 24-Nov
Levacque, J.C. 28-May
L'Heureux, L. 11-Jan
Linscott, B. 27-Mar
Loebach, A.F. 23-Sep
Lucier, A.J. 08-Dec
Lynch, J.J. 07-Oct
Lynch, J.F. 25-Mar
Lynch, J. 02-Oct
Lynch, T.A. 23-Jan
MacDonald, E.C. 19-Jul
MacDonald, R.A. 01-Jul
Macgillivray, D. 14-Jun
Mackan, P. 23-Nov
Mackesy, J.A. 03-Dec
MacLellan, J.A. 21-Jan
Mahoney, J.P. 02-Mar
Mahoney, A.P. 05-Jul
Mailloux, J.Z. 29-Jun
Maloney, J.T. 30-Oct
Maloney, H.J. 07-Jul
Manning, R.C. 04-May
Marchand, L. 15-Apr
Marchand, L.H. 14-May
Marentette, A.P. 15-Oct
Martin, O.A. 07-Jun
Marzoli, N. 24-May
Masse, H. 28-Aug
Mattus, L.F. 04-Feb
May, T., G. 25-Dec
McAuliffe, J.M. 07-Aug
McCabe, P. 01-Aug
McCardle, F.A. 29-Sep
McCarthy, T.J. 15-Nov
McCarthy, T.J. 21-Feb
McCarty, F. 13-Nov
McConnell, J.F. 19-Jun
McCormack, P. 29-Mar
McCormick, J.J. 07-Jun
McDonald, S.J. 09-Aug
McGraw, J.V. 07-Jun
McGuire, S. 25-Apr
McHugh, A.M. 30-Aug
McKenna, R.J. 12-Jun
McKenna, W. 01-Feb
McKeon, P.E. 18-Jan
McLennan, K.G. 10-Dec
McMahon, E.J. 07-May
McMahon, D.K. 24-Jan
McManus, T.L. 13-Dec
McManus, H.B. 10-Apr
McMartin, C.F. 04-Jun
McMaster, D. 13-Mar
McMaster, J.K. 13-May
McNabb, A.J. 19-Jan
McNabb, C.V. 01-Jul
McNabb, W.P. 09-Apr
Mellon, P.J. 19-Jan
Melnick, M. 12-Jul
Meloche, A. 21-May
Meyer, F., (Bud) 14-Sep
Michaud, J. 19-May
Michon, J.M. 07-Feb
Minvielle, M.A. 02-Jan
Molloy, J. 12-Apr
Monaghan, M.D. 24-May
Montag, J.J. 28-Jun
Mooney, J. 29-Apr
Mooney, T. 18-Feb
Moran, E.A. 10-Oct
Moran, W.T. 23-Feb
Moran, T. 11-Nov
Morand, L. 04-Jun
Morand, L.C. 22-Mar
Morelli, J.J. 02-Apr
Morris, E.A 11-Dec
Morris, W. 26-Jun
Morrison, W.S. 09-Aug
Moss, J.H. 21-May
Moynahan, R. 26-Mar
Mugan, P.A. 19-Jul
Mulcahey, E.H. 25-Oct
Muldoon, J.J. 02-Feb
Mulkern, F.S. 16-Jan
Mulrooney, C. 04-Nov
Murphy, B.J. 22-May
Murphy, F.O. 12-Aug
Murphy, L.J. 10-Oct
Nealon, R. 14-Sep
Nelligan, J.P. 15-May
Neumann, D.W.,  06-Sep
Noel, J.Z. 09-Jul
Nolan, A.L. 03-Nov
Nouvion, S.A. 27-Dec
Oberholzer, F. 05-Sep
Oberle, L.W. 24-Feb
O’Connor, D. 30-Aug
O'Connor, J.S. 26-Sep
O'Donnell, C.J. 30-Aug
O'Donnell, E.A. 29-May
O'Donnell, J.B. 03-Jun
O'Donnell, V.J. 25-Dec
O’Flaherty, J. 06-Oct
O'Flaherty, W.J. 26-May
Ogle, R., J. 01-Apr
O'Halloran, J.J. 21-Jun
O’Keefe, T. 08-Oct
O'Malley, L.J. 20-Oct
O'Neil, H.A. 10-Aug
O'Neil, J.H. 28-Jul
O'Neil, J.J. 18-Dec
O'Neil, M.I. 17-Jul
Oostveen, P.A. 03-Dec
Opperman, H.A. 29-Nov
Oroskovits, E.L. 27-Feb
O'Rourke, W.T. 28-Dec
Ouellette, L.L. 09-May
Pappin, B. 27-Aug
Paquette, L.C. 05-Feb
Paré, E.D. 07-Aug
Pereyma, J. 01-Jan
Pettit, C.A. 03-Sep
Pettypiece, F.G. 04-Jan
Phelan, L.J. 05-Dec
Phelan, W.J. 16-Sep
Pickelle, A. 02-Aug
Pocock, P.F. 06-Sep
Pocock, J.H. 11-Jun
Poisson, I.J. 18-Jul
Poisson, L.T. 20-Aug
Poplawski, W.W. 27-Dec
Power, L.W. 08-Aug
Prince, G. 21-Mar
Prokopovitsh, J.E. 17-Jun
Pumphrey, G. 29-Jul
Purcell, J.J. 05-Dec
Quenneville, M.J. 01-Oct
Quenneville, G.W. 24-Jul
Quigley, J.R. 18-Oct
Quinlan, J.L. 24-Aug
Quinn, J.G. 02-Nov
Reardon, H.R. 30-May
Reed-Lewis, L.E. 15-Jun
Reguly, J.S. 18-Oct
Reilly, P. 04-Feb
Reinhart, J.A. 12-Jun
Renaud, R. 14-Oct
Retza, L.S. 01-Apr
Rice, I.W. 17-Jun
Richards, H.T. 04-Dec
Ring, W.J. 26-Jul
Robert, E.H. 28-Jan
Robinson, J.S. 04-Apr
Rockwood, F. 13-Feb
Roenicke, J.E. 21-Mar
Roman, J.J. 19-Aug
Rondot, A.A. 11-Apr
Roney, J.A. 15-Apr
Rosback, I. 02-Sep
Roy, G. 19-Jun
Roy, H.D. 13-Apr
Roy, P.A. 12-Mar
Roy, J.W. 15-Dec
Roy, W. 29-May
Ryan, E.J. 31-Dec
Ryan, J. 03-Oct
Ryan, K.M. 29-Sep
Saltry, J.A. 04-Sep
Sargewitz, P.R. 25-Jul
Sasso, A. 27-Sep
Scalisi, A.F. 23-Mar
Schachtel, F.J. 12-Apr
Scharfenberger, J. 17-Nov
Schiller, P. 11-Mar
Schumacher, E. 01-Oct
Schwemler, A.J.,  12-Oct
Shaughnessy, J.T. 15-Mar
Sheridan, P.,  14-Jun
Siegfried, C.L. 28-Jul
Simpson, W.F. 11-Dec
Skillen, E.M. 21-May
Slezak, S. 20-Jan
Smith, W.G. 30-Dec
Smith, A. 01-Feb
Snyder, J.G. 04-Jul
Sobisch, T.V. 29-Mar
Sokolowski, E.V. 08-Mar
Spalding, R. 17-Dec
Speagle, L. 17-Dec
Spencer, A.P. 07-May
Spielmacher, J.H. 11-Jun
Stacey, J.L. 17-Sep
Steele, J.L. 27-Feb
Straus, C.M. 16-Oct
Strauss, M. 21-Aug
Strub, G.W. 26-Sep
Suchocki, A. 12-Feb
Sullivan, C.E. 20-Feb
Sullivan, L.L. 08-Jun
Sullivan, M.N. 24-Sep
Summers, J.F. 25-Oct
Super, J. 04-Aug
Swaine, F.J. 06-Dec
Sylvestre, C. 22-Jan
Sylvestre, P.H. 13-Nov
Szteiter, H.R. 08-Sep
Tétrault, P. 04-Feb
Thériault, P.G. 12-Jan
Tito, J.A. 01-Jun
Tobin, J.V. 25-May
Toth, S.W. 11-Apr
Tourigny, J.J. 08-Jul
Tracy, T.A. 18-Feb
Tyson, E.G. 09-Nov
Urbanski, Jerome 14-Aug
Uyen, J. 22-Nov
Van Vynckt, R.A. 15-Sep
Van Vynckt, G.E. 02-Mar
Van Vynckt, H. 04-Mar
van der Biezen, P. 07-Aug
Vaskor, M.,  08-Jan
Veitenheimer, E.E. 12-Sep
Vershraegan, A. 23-Jun
Villeneuve, L.A. 13-Nov
Wall, B. 12-Sep
Walsh, C.J. 27-Aug
Walsh, F.J. 03-Sep
Walsh, J.A. 08-Feb
Walsh, R. 10-Sep
Walsh, V.W. 02-Dec
Warden, R.G. 06-Oct
Warenda, C.J. 24-Jan
Waschak, S.G. 23-May
Weaver, N.J. 21-May
Weber, E.P. 06-Aug
Weiller, M. 27-Mar
Weiss, C.J. 10-Apr
Wemple, L.A. 11-Aug
Whalen, L. 07-Feb
Wheeler, T. 22-Aug
White, S.E. 15-Jun
White, J.J. 12-Apr
Wildgen, M. 09-Feb
Winter, J.G. 18-Apr
Wittig, L. 08-May
Yandeau, E.A. 29-Jun
Young, J.J. 15-Jul
Zablocki, E.A. 23-Oct
Zettel, W. 30-Dec
Ziembra, A. 07-Aug
Zimney, G.J. 05-Feb
Zipay, J.E. 01-Nov
Zukauskas, A.J.