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Texts and Translations

Documents of the II Vatican Council

Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils / edited by Norman P. Tanner
REF BX 825 A1 1990 (2 vols.)

Documents of Vatican II / edited by Austin P. Flannery
BX 830 1962 A3 F55

Documents of Vatican II: in a new and definitive translation / Walter M. Abbott, General Editor
BX 830 1962 A3 G34 1966

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Council Debates, Speeches, and Preparatory Documents

Acta Synodalia Sacrosancti
Lower Level BX 830 1962 A2 1970 (32 volumes plus Indices and Appendix)

Acta et Documenta
Lower Level BX 830 1962 A2 1964 (26 volumes – incomplete)

Council Speeches of Vatican II
BX 830 1962 A3 K84

Concordance, Dictionary, Indices

Concilium Vaticanum II
REF BX 830 1962 D45

Dictionary of the Council
REF BX 830 1962 A48 D47

Index Verborum Cum Documentis Concilii Vaticanii Secundi
Lower Level BX 830 1962 A48 O25 (2 vols.) 

General Works (See BX 830 1962...)

Commentary on the Documents of Vatican II
BX 830 1962 Z913 (5 vols.)

Concise Guide to the Documents of Vatican II
BX 830 1962 H285 2007

History of Vatican II
BX 830 1962 H55

Vatican II: Assessment and Perspectives: Twenty-Five Years After
BX830 1962 V3713 1988 (3 vols.)

Vatican II: bilan et perspectives: Vingt-Cinq Ans Apres
BX 830 1962 V37 1988 (3 vols.) 

Recent Works

Affirming Religious Freedom: How Vatican Council II Developed the Church’s Teaching to Meet Today’s Needs
BX830 1962 A45 D4838 2010

Catholic Theology of Revelation on the Eve of Vatican II
BX830 1962 A45 S3437 2010

Keys to the Council: Unlocking the Teaching of Vatican II
BX 830 1962 G28 2012

Receiving the Council: Theological and Canonical Insights and Debates
BX830 1962 O89 2009

Rediscovering Vatican II ( A series of 8 books. See Catalogue for individual call numbers)

Second Vatican Ecumenical Council: a Counterpoint for the History of the Council
BX830 1962 M35413 2010

Theological Highlights of Vatican II
BX830 1962 B4268 2009

What Happened at Vatican II?
BX830 1962 O46 2008


Faithful Revolution: Vatican II
BX 830 1962 F28 1996 (5 cassettes) 


ATLA Religion Database
Catholic Periodical and Literature Index
Religion and Philosophy Collection


Laval Theologique et Philosophique.

Note: Periodically since 1997 this journal has published annotated lists of major recent publications about the Council. Some articles include brief lists of dissertations, and important journal articles. See:

v.53, 1997: 435-454;
v.55, 1999: 115-149;
v.56, 2000: 543-583;
v.58, 2002: 177-203;
v.59, 2003: 583-606;
v.60, 2004: 561-577;
v.61, 2005: 613-653;
v.64, 2008: 783-824;
v.67, 2011: 321-373.


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