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How to Recognize a Scholarly Journal  

Most professors and instructors expect students to use scholarly journals as resources for their essays, in addition to books or book chapters. Scholarly journals are published regularly, and are part of the publication type known as periodicals or serials. 

What are Scholarly Journals?

Scholarly journals are periodicals which deal with academic study or research. Articles are written by scholars or researchers in the field, and are peer reviewed by editors who are also scholars in that field. The primary purpose of a scholarly journal is the publication of original research in order to make such information available to other scholars in the field.  

Features of Scholarly Journals 

  • Often include an abstract which summarizes the article’s contents before the main text of the article.
  • Often contain tables or graphs but few pictures.
  • Always cite their sources using footnotes or bibliographies. Bibliographies are generally lengthy and cite other scholarly sources. 
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