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Missale Romanum Display in the A.P. Mahoney Library


Debra Majer, Assistant Archivist for the Roman Catholic diocese of London, recently prepared a 'History of the Missale Romanum' display for the Priests Study Days in preparation for the implementation of the third typical edition of the Roman Missal.  This eye-catching display is now located in the library's Reading Room.  The Missale Romanum, known in English as the Roman Missal, contains the prescribed prayers, chants and rubrics, or instructions for the celebration of the mass in the Roman Catholic Church.  Treasures from the Diocese of London Archives and the A.P. Mahoney Library collections are featured.  Unique items include scanned pages of a 1696 Missale Romanum, with the original in the Archives, a 1915 Missal of the Dead that belonged to Bishop Michael Francis Fallon, founder of St. Peter's Seminary, a 1921 Missale Caecutientium for use by visually impaired priests, a Missale Romanum from 1841 and the Roman Seraphic Missal dated 1968 which is taken from the English-Latin Sacramentary and approved for the use of the three orders of St. Francis.

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