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New Journals

The library recently acquired the following new journals:

Journal of Catholic Social Thought

The Journal of Catholic Social Thought is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary publication that brings together authors from the fields of law, theology, philosophy and political theory. Its focus is the rich field of Catholic social teaching and its implications for both theory and practice. The journal was founded in the Fall of 2003 in support of a call by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to "integrate and to share the riches of the Church's social teaching in Catholic education and formation at every level." It is published by the Office for Mission and Ministry and the School of Law at Villanova University. (

Available: Online through the Shared Library Catalogue

Early Christianity

The journal is concerned with early Christianity as a historical phenomenon. Thereby, Early Christianity aims to overcome certain limitations which have hindered the development of the discipline, including the concept of the “New Testament” itself. The journal, then, is taken to cover not only the first Christian century but also the second.

This journal will not, however, give any special prominence to reception-history or to the second century. The total phenomenon called "early Christianity" comprises a kaleidoscopic range of individual phenomena, including communal structures, social norms, discursive practices, points of conflict, material remains, and much else – far more than just the production and reception of texts. This journal will strive to reflect this multiplicity of contexts, in the expectation of new light on our subject-matter from a variety of angles. (

Available: Print edition in library. 

Journal for the Study of Paul and his Letters

The Apostle Paul stands as an incredibly important figure within the religious and intellectual history of Christianity and Judaism in the first century. The study of Paul (the historical person, author, tradition, and legend) and the Pauline letters (content, context, authenticity, theology, and reception) continue to capture the fascination of scholars, students, religious communities, and even the media. Indeed, the study of Paul and the Pauline letters appears to be an almost inexhaustible field of investigation Therefore, we think it time that Pauline research should have its own dedicated journal as a specific conduit for Pauline research as it is broadly practiced. The Journal for the Study of Paul and his Letters will present cutting-edge research for scholars, teachers, postgraduate students, and advanced undergraduates related specifically to study of the Apostle Paul and cognate areas. The purpose of the journal is to advance discussion on these areas of Pauline research. (

Available: Print edition in the library.