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SPS Milestones presented by Fr. Michael Prieur

Our Milestones in the last Alumni Bulletin received so many responses that we have decided to publish them more frequently. Our SPS Alumni continues to produce all kinds of works, books, articles, actions, projects, degrees, awards, etc. If you have any new milestones, please send them in to . I just love to hear about them and to blow our “Alumni trumpet” to the world. Praise God!
Several new books are hot off the press. Fr. Patrick Bénéteau (‘10) and the St. Joseph’s Church Murals Committee have published Reflections on the murals of St. Joseph’s Church, River Canard, Ontario, (Aylmer Press, 2016). This beautifully designed book in full colour by Brian Grebow is a treasure for both that parish and also anyone interested in bringing local parish art to the public. These murals were painted over 50 years ago by two Polish artists who often used the faces of actual parishioners for their sacred subjects. (This could be one way of a parish priest getting himself immortalized!)
The book, done in “calendar style”, contains some recent reflections of these individuals, tracked down by the authors. Fr. Bénéteau uses a Lectio divina style to make the book invite its readers to pray as they peruse the murals. The obverse of the book is done in French, respecting the bilingual nature of the parish. Congratulations to these innovative authors and producers!

The second new book is by Archbishop Emeritus Marcel Gervais (‘57), The Gospel of John – A Commentary, (Ottawa, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2016). The book is a seasoned refinement of what he wrote in the Journey series in the late 1970s, all vintage Gervais. He deliberately advises us to be a “slow enjoy it more”. You will be pleasantly surprised by his sage scriptural insights, the refreshing translation of John by Fr. Raymond Brown, and the stark but powerful drawings of Peter Gaspari, a former seminarian of St. Peter’s. Finally, both John and Gervais, hurl an open challenge to all the ongoing Arianism still raging in our culture today. It is a “must-read”. Congratulations, Marcel!

We have a remarkable tribute to Fr. Major Mike Dalton (‘34), who has the alumni record of living the longest: almost 107 years. Brian Dalton has published and illustrated The Padre’s War Diary, Based on the Personal World War II Diary of Rev. Major Mike Dalton, (Kincardine, Progressive Results Group, 2016). This is a remarkable, painstaking book getting right inside the deepest-felt emotions of Padre Mike, often scribbled on-site in the battlefield. Fr. Dalton (‘34) is our most legendary military Alumni grad. Congratulations to Brian Dalton for this great salute!

One final production has recently come to my attention: Msgr. J. H. O’Neil, D.P., Diary of a Priest, (1970). My classmate, Fr. Peter Pigott, C.R. (‘65), brought this treasure to me attention on a visit to the C.R.’s on Labour Day last September. Msgr. O’Neil (‘22) died on July 28, 1970. He was the legendary pastor of Tillsonburg, Ontario, as well as of several other parishes in the London Diocese. If you need a picker-upper of Irish humour and sardonic wit, I recommend reading and enjoying these remarkable historical pages. The book contains a treasure-trove of pictures of many of our alumni and laity who served with him. I am working on getting a copy for our seminary archives.
So much for now. Again, if you have any old or new milestones, let me know. These updates will appear as I get more new material... just like the ACTA in Rome!