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St. Peter's Seminary Foundation Worthy of your support

Mission Statement

As a public, charitable organization, St. Peter's Seminary Foundation's sole purpose is to fundraise for St. Peter's Seminary. The Foundation will contribute to the advancement of St. Peter's Seminary by:

  • Being the vehicle for fundraising
  • Creating the conditions for effective fundraising
  • Mobilizing community support, and,
  • Exercising exemplary fiduciary and stewardship practices

Guiding Principles

  • Through the strong foundational strength of Christian Stewardship, the St. Peter's Seminary Foundation will employ forward-thinking, ethical methodologies to raise awareness and garner support for the continued economic vitality of St. Peter's Seminary.
  • The Foundation will work with its valued members of the Board of Directors to develop and implement its goals.
  • The Foundation will work to establish a strong body of volunteers throughout the diocese to assist with a variety of initiatives to benefit the community of St. Peter's Seminary, the Catholic Community in the Diocese of London and the whole Canadian Catholic Church.
  • St. Peter's Seminary Foundation will work to increase community support to provide their time, talent and treasure for the seminary and its students, faculty and staff, through: support for operations, endowments for student bursaries, endowments for faculty chairs, building programs for upgraded and / or expanded facilities, and new programs

St. Peter's Seminary Foundation will:

  • Respect and safeguard donors' intentions;
  • Ensure fiscal management and accountability of endowed funds;
  • Develop transparent investment policies to manage the growth of endowments;
  • Provide clear policy direction and support to the staff of the Foundation;
  • Support strategies that will encourage a culture of stewardship;
  • Promote and enhance a lifelong relationship with St. Peter's Seminary through focussed and engaging activities, events and programs, characterized by creativity, cost effectiveness and opportunities for learning;
  • Ensure that honesty, openness, mutual respect, accountability and trust will characterize all of our actions;
  • Ensure continuous improvement, creativity and positively marketing St. Peter's Seminary and St. Peter's Seminary Foundation to the community at large;
  • Have fun!