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Educational Effectiveness


During the last ten years of its mission of providing quality education and formation for the students in its degree programs, the following has been observed in graduates finding employment in ministry positions soon after graduation.

Since 2002

Advanced Master of Divinity Degree
(for students in formation for ordination and ministry as priests):

100% of our graduates have been placed in pastoral ministry assignments immediately after graduation.

Basic Master of Divinity Degree

This degree program for lay students has had a 91% placement rate of its graduates. During these past ten years, those completing this degree program have been hired to serve in ministry employment as parish ecclesial ministers, high school chaplains, and military chaplains.

Master of Theological Studies Degree

This academic degree appeals to people from a wide cross-section of interest within the Catholic community. Many of those who engage in this degree program are teachers in the Catholic School Board in the London area, seeking to augment their understanding of Catholic teaching for the purpose of handing on the faith to their students with greater competence and confidence.

In addition to those who have taken this degree program to serve their capacity as Catholic teachers, 51% of the graduates from the M.T.S. program have been hired for pastoral positions of employment within the Church. In addition, 33% of graduates during these past ten years have gone on to engage in further degree studies after graduation.

Performance in Summative or Capstone Courses

The programs at St. Peter’s Seminary include capstone courses which feature summative exercises. These courses are leading indicators of students’ skills for effective pastoral ministry and/or academic advancement.

Since 2005

Advanced or Basic Master of Divinity Degree

Systematic Theology 5513: Theological Integration – 81.3% average

Sacramental Theology 5542: Art of the Confessor – 82.4% average

Master of Theological Studies Degree

Thesis 5299 – 78.2% average