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It is the policy of the A.P. Mahoney Library to assist all patrons in the use of materials and equipment.  Some special facilities and services are available to patrons with disabilities for use in the library.

Facilities and Equipment

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Most areas in the library are wheelchair accessible.  An elevator provides access from the library's main level to the lower level.  Please ask for the key and/or assistance at the Service Desk.

Wheelchair accessible internet workstations and a word processing workstation are located on the main floor and study tables will accommodate wheelchairs.

An accessible washroom is located on the main floor of the Seminary close to the administrative offices.

For those with visual difficulties character enlarging equipment is located in the Reading Room area of the library adjacent to the conference room.


Patrons with disabilities are encouraged to phone the Service Desk in advance to make arrangements for assistance with:

  • using the library catalogue, databases and other research tools
  • using library equipment including photocopiers, printers, microfilm reader/printer, etc.
  • retrieving materials from high shelves and other inaccessible areas
  • photocopying of course material available upon request
  • extending loan periods and renewing materials by telephone
  • making arrangements for a designated person to sign out materials on your behalf
  • holding materials at the Service Desk for pick-up
  • contacting other library locations to avoid unnecessary trips

For additional information, please see King's Library Services and Accessibility at Western.