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Ways To Give

Planning a Legacy Gift to St. Peter's Seminary

A gift to St. Peter's Seminary can be planned to occur during one's lifetime or through a bequest. A "legacy gift" is a type of charitable gift the donor has planned in advance that is to be given in the future from the donor's estate.

Annual Alumni Appeal

Each spring to all alumni, including both ordained and lay graduates.

Annual Faculty and Staff Appeal

Each spring.

Bishop's Dinners

Since 2004, the Annual Bishop's Dinner for Windsor-Essex is held each October in Windsor to support the total needs of St. Peter's Seminary.

Starting in 2009, The Annual Bishop's Dinner for London and Surrounding Communities is held in June with proceeds currently supporting the Institute for Ongoing Formation.

Special Giving Programs

Seminarian Room Refurbishment Fund

In 2009, this fund was established to address the urgent need to modernize the furnishings of the seminarians' private living quarters. The goal is to raise $50,000 to purchase new wardrobes, desks and chairs, night tables and window treatment for each room. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated. For a donation of $2,500, a donor or group of donors will be recognized by a plaque affixed adjacent to the room with any associated dedication that the donor(s) would like to make.

How to Make a Gift: Click here for Room Fund Donation Form

Contact Foundation staff at 519-432-1824 ext. 255 or,  or use our Canada Helps secure online donation site and select from the Fund/Designation drop­ down menu. Thank you!

How to Make a Gift: Donor funding to assist with Phases One and Two will be gratefully received. Please contact the Seminary Foundation Executive Director, David Howie at 519-432-1824 x240; email

Bishop William T. McGrattan Fund

This fund was established in 2009 to honour then-Seminary Rector Father Bill McGrattan on the occasion of his elevation to become Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Toronto. The Fund's mandate is to support the office of a full-time Vocations Director, with the first appointment made in July 2010. The Foundation has committed to raising $450,000 over five years to offset the costs. Your gift will help contribute to much needed new vocations for our Diocese.

Legacy gifts typically represent considerable thought about a donor's relationship with the charitable recipient, and how that donor wants to impact the charity over a long period of time.

What are the advantages to the donor of legacy giving?

  • A way to create a visible and inspirational testament of commitment and faith
  • A means of having a positive impact on a charity after death including in perpetuity
  • Assurance that the gift will be received at its fair market value
  • Capacity to leverage smaler outlays, on life insurance for example, into larger future charitable gifts
  • Possible gift receipts resulting in income tax credits
  • Possible tax avoidance of capital gains on appreciated securities, real estate or tangible personal property

Note to Donors: There may be variability in the tax treatment of a gift based on donors' individual circumstances. Donors are urged to seek independent advice.

Planning a Gift During One's Lifetime

Common examples include: Life insurance policies, Charitable gift annuity, Charitable remainder trusts. Click here for more information on Planning a Gift During One's Lifetime.

Planning a Bequest to the Seminary

St. Peter's Seminary, and later the St. Peter's Seminary Foundation, have been beneficiaries of bequests since as early as 1914. Giving through a bequest in a person's will, accounts for much of the legacy gifts made to charities in Canada today.

A gift in a will can be attractive to a donor because it allows the donor to retain full control of his/her assets, since the donor can change his/her intentions at any time. A gift of this type can have a significant impact on a donor's estate by providing a tax credit of up to 100% of the donor's income in the year of death.

Common examples include: General Bequest, Specific Bequest, Residual Bequest, Restricted Bequest. Click here for more information on Planning a Bequest to the Seminary.

Annual Appeals & Special Events

Annual Parish Appeal

Voluntary appeal through each parish to all Catholics in the Diocese of London on the 4th Sunday of Easter, to support the Seminary by contributing directly to the St. Peter's Seminary Foundation or by contributing to a parish-based  collection. Click here for the latest Annual  Parish Appeal Brochure

Advent Appeal

A special seasonal appeal to all recorded friends and supporters of St. Peter's Seminary.